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Vikings May Not Face Locker

As the Vikings look to move to a 4-1 record, and stay atop the NFC North, their next opponent may be without their starting quarterback.

Titans quarterback Jake Locker hurt his left shoulder last Sunday and reports are surfacing that Locker will not play this coming weekend in Minnesota.  Instead, the 37 year old Matt Hasselbeck is expected to be at the helm of an offense that is being criticized by just about everyone, including their own star running back.

In relief of Locker, Hasselbeck accounted Tennessee’s only two touchdowns last Sunday, but he also committed three turnovers at the hands of Houston’s dominant defense.  Hasselbeck started every Titans game in 2011 but lost the job to the up-and-coming Locker this offseason, which surprised nobody.

What will be a surprise is if Hasselbeck finds enough success against Minnesota this weekend that a quarterback controversy is added to the many controversies currently plaguing the Titans.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Good,
    Let him improve to 1-5 … Everytime i hear his name i remember E.J. hitting him and him whining it was a dirty hit.

  2. Bottle up Chris Johnson, and if the DB’s play like they did last week, this game shouldn’t be a gimme game, but very winnable.