Live Chat Is On For Sunday

Clear your calendars VT’ers!

Tomorrow the Vikings are going to march into Lambeau Field without Percy Harvin available to them, and attempt to shock everybody in the football loving world.

Join us for all of the action right here at VT where yours truly will be hosting a live chat throughout the entire game.

[Editor’s Note:  While I will certainly be hosting the live chat, I would like to point out that I am officially listed as “questionable” on the VT injury report.  See, my son loves dinosaurs, and sees them everywhere.  Shadows on the wall.  Chip clips.  Everything is a dinosaur to him… and this morning, that included my wife’s hot curling iron.  That “dino” decided to “eat” my hand as I was getting ready this morning.  I might not be 100% healthy, and may not make my cuts to the spacebar as quickly as normal, but I will be here.]