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Greenway Didn’t Mean To Hurt Calvin Johnson

The Vikings had a few bumps and bruises resulting from their bout with the Lions on Sunday, but at this time no serious injuries appear to be added to this roster.

The Lions may not be as fortunate, pending the status of Cliff Avril, but the scariest moment for Detroit fans came when Chad Greenway knocked Calvin Johnson senseless.

Greenway led with his shoulder and hit Johnson while he was in the air, reaching unsuccessfully for a Mathew Stafford pass.  It was a classic example of what the NFL is trying to prevent, and Greenway immediately realized he had made a decision that would cost his team 15 yards and cost his wallet something in the neighborhood of $20,000.

Johnson had to come out of the game for a number of drives, only to return for the final drive of the game where he dropped an easy pass, and Greenway acknowledged his mistake following Sunday’s victory.  He says, however, that he never intended to hurt the star wide out.

“I don’t want to hurt Calvin. I don’t want to hurt anybody,” Greenway said Sunday. “I’m thinking he’s going to catch that ball 99 percent of the time. He didn’t that time. So when I go to try to break the ball up, my pad, it’s clear on the tape, it hits his head. What are you going to do? They’re going to throw the flag and I’m probably going to get assessed a fine. But my intent was not to hurt him.”

Greenway has a reputation as a hard hitting linebacker, but has never really been labeled as a dirty player.

Sunday’s lapse of judgment is likely going to be considered an isolated incident.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. I’ve been a huge fan of Chad’s since his days at Iowa and I’ve never seen or heard anything at all of him being a dirty player or taking any cheap shots. He’s just not wired that way and you could tell after he made that hit he knew he did something wrong and didnt even try to plead with the officials. There’s so many players out there that do that kind of stuff and start arguing with the refs about it but not Chad.

  2. When I played FB, I was on DEF. How about the call on J. Robinson? Was that really a malicious tackle? He wrapped him up and drove him to the ground. Greenway’s is clearly two pro-bowlers flying around at 100 mph, more of an accident.

    1. It wasn’t like he pile drived him! I didn’t think it looked bad myself…

  3. Freds stars of the game:

    * Brad Greenway. Has never looked better, playing at a very high level. Nice big white teeth too.
    * David Brinkley. Dude has gotten better each of the past two weeks, probably won’t ever be a star, but serviceabile perhaps?
    * Offensive line
    * Tony Winfield.
    * Cheech Harvins – Holy crap man.

    Best wishes to Aaron Henderson on his recovery, dude has been out for 2 weeks, must have been a tough knock to the head. Also best wishes to Phil Loadhold on trying to get is feet out of the concrete. For the love of Pete Phil, move your feet you fat bastard.

    Side note to Mr ABV, hope you didn’t take Freds strategical advice on the horizontal belly bumpin’ thing after each loss instead of each win. Bad advice from Freds….sorry man.

  4. Also a warm welcome to Mrs AK back to U.S. soil. It’s good to have you home.

    Just think, no more 5 hour “snow machine” rides to get your molars fixed. Sheesh.

    Not only the benefit of advanced dental care, but your kids will now go to an English speaking schools.

    1. Oh my fragile friend, you cut me to the quick!
      I won’t even comment on your comment, (” go to an English speaking schools.)
      except to say, is that how YOUR school taught you to write??
      Geez freds, I figured you for a better friend!

  5. Its OK Fran, Freds doesn’t understand that our fellow Americans in Alaska are among the most patriotic in the nation. We know your role is to keep an eye on the Russians, and if you see a Hindenberg or a Mig coming our way, to shoot ’em down quicker than a duck over a gun club. Keep up the good work up there!