An Injury Roundup

A quick look at the biggest injury-related news concerning this Vikings roster at the moment:

PERCY HARVIN:  The Vikings dynamic playmaker only played in nine games before suffering an ankle injury that sidelined him for the remainder of 2012, as they officially placed him on injured reserve on December 5th.  On Sunday Harvin tweeted that he would be having “minor surgery” and it was initially assumed he was talking about his ankle.  Instead, however, Leslie Frazier indicated that Harvin instead had to undergo emergency appendectomy surgery.

When it comes to Percy Harvin, things are never crystal clear, but it does appear that he has no intentions of playing next season without getting a new contract.  His ankle injury (not the appendectomy) only muddies those waters and the Vikings could be in for an ugly fight and some think we may have seen Harvin play his last game as a Viking.

CHRIS COOK:  When Chris Cook suffered a broken arm on October 25th the Vikings had let only two receivers top 100 yards in eight games.  Those two receivers, Donnie Avery and Andre Roberts, were not Cook’s assignment for the day.  They have had much more trouble since then, giving up a pair of monstrous games to Calvin Johnson (207 yards) and Brandon Marshall (160 yards).

Cook is eligible to return next week, just in time to finish the season against Andre Johnson and Greg Jennings, but there is no guarantee that he will.  Leslie Frazier said that the team will be monitoring Cook’s conditioning and make a decision later on in the week.

BRIAN ROBISON:  On Sunday, defensive end Brian Robison made an immediate impact by sacking Sam Bradford early on.  Then, he had to leave the game with a shoulder injury.  Robison is expected to have an MRI done and Frazier said he will probably be day-to-day this week.

Luckily for the Vikings, they have impressive depth at Robison’s position, and Everson Griffen was a more than sufficient replacement on Sunday.

OTHERS:  Count Adrian Peterson and Marcus Sherels among the Vikings that came out of Sunday’s game with some dings and bruises.  Still, nobody other than Cook and Robison are considered to be very questionable for this week’s trip to Houston.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Adrian Peterson aka. AP doesn’t get “Injured” he just slows down for everyone else to catch up

  2. I really hope that’s not true about the future of Percy, Adam. This team needs to add quality receivers, not lose one of the best. But I also know Denzel won’t tolerate attitude, so we’ll see. Get him on the right track, Leslie!

    1. Buds,

      You’re absolutely right. Denzel won’t tolerate attitude. But he will tolerate choking a girlfriend….. as long as you do it respectfully and without attitude. He will also tolerate assaulting a police officer and drunken arrests, as long as they are with the right attitude.

      Coach Frazier will put up with the same crap as any other coach as long as the player is productive.

      And let’s remember, what Percy told us during spring training when he asked to be traded, it’s not about the money. We know Percy, we know… “you have to feed your family”. It’s all about the money. Freds doesn’t care if it is about the money, hell just say it Cheech!

      1. Yeah but,Frazier has a disapproving look on his face when he tolerates these things.

        Percy needs to be paid. Letting him go would be a huge mistake.

  3. Getting Cook back would be huge for this game. He’s the only guy we got that can match up against big time recievers. On Cheech I think if Vikes could somehow find their way into the playoffs that would help his desire to stay in Minny, just a feeling tho.

    1. Two very good points, johnny. This Jefferson kid reminds me of that scene in Jarassic Park where the goat is tied to the post inside a T-Rex pen. All of a sudden, the goat is gone. Just like the first pizza at a frat party, it wasn’t “if”, it was “when”. We need Cook back for some level of improvement. (and I thought Robinson took a step backwards last week, too.)

      1. Coach, with a guy like cheech does winning trump contract demands in any way shape or form?

        1. That’s the exact question, johnny, and my perspective is simply “supply and demand”. Any market is driven by it, and anyone with half a brain, and even Tomb in this case, can see that WR is our biggest need. Percy and his agent are very aware that the last thing the Vikings need is to step backwards at this position. Unless there is something about Percy’s attitude / conduct / personality that makes Leslie want him out of here, I think the Vikes have to pay up if they are serious about winning. Now the Aroma shampoo guy is in a much different position. He’ll need to be willing to work for room and board.

    1. Oh great. Guess we’ll find out if the SI jinks is true now, At least they had enough sense to call him AD on the cover.

  4. Hypothetical question for Adam or any one willing to take it on…

    If the offer came your way, would you trade Adrian Peterson for Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees or Andrew Luck or RGIII?

    1. I had something very important to say….then I see this question, out of nowhere. Well that’s just great. No matter what I say, no matter how incredibly insightful, this question now takes precedent over everything.
      Thanks Coach…
      Now I have to answer it.
      Rodgers- No…
      Brees- Maybe, but probably not. Gettin’ too old.
      RG3 – No, he won’t last.
      Luck- Yes

      1. Please cart, go with the incredibly insightful you had. Its way better than my stupid hypothetical question that was designed only to back someone into a corner anyway.

    2. Yes to Rodgers and Luck. Agree with CC’s reasons on both Brees and Luck.

      Freds, to me, Rodgers is a HELL YES. Not only do we get one of the game’s best QB’s, but he gets taken away from our worst enemy.

      1. But then we would get “chewed up” on the ground twice every year. And when that happens we lose. 🙂

        1. Got me there coach. If Adrian ran for, say, 210 yards, there is no way an Aaron Rodgers led team could come away with a victo… oh… wait.

    3. even trade, rodgers for sure, the others, not so sure, maybe luck, rg3 if the deal was sweetened, no to brees unless it included fructose

    4. I’m with the group here, I’d trade Peterson for luck, Peterson and 2 first rounders for Rodgers, but not for Brees or RG3

  5. The value a high end QB brings a team in this era of football FAR outweighs the value of a running back like Adrian. I would trade Adrian in a second for any of the QBs listed.

    1. I don’t really have a “good” reason Freds. I simply do not like him.
      Hence the reason for the simple “no”

  6. WOW. I cannot believe what I’m reading right now. Some of you ladies would trade one of the greatest faces of the Viking franchise to ever play the game, a guy who may well break the single season record for rushing yards AFTER less than a year from what is sometimes a career ending injury with a team having almost no passing game and up to 9 guys stuffed in the box keyed in on him, the guy who in his rookie year set the record for rushing yards in a game, a guy who is ofttimes dubbed “PURPLE Jesus,” a guy who may well go down as the greatest running back to EVER play the game of football, for Gayron Rodgers.

    My heart bleeds. If I could, I’d eat Taco Bell and fart in the elevator each and every one of you who like this trade are in.

    Purple Jesus apparently has more than one Purple Judas.

    Go to your corners and think about what you’ve done this day.

    1. well, at least my corner doesn’t have mike lynn, herschel walker, mike ditka, and ricky williams in it

      1. LOL. I’m not at all certain what that means. Two parts of the worst trade in the history of sports, and two other loose cannons.


          1. Yes, for running backs who seemed pretty darn good. Not a proven hyperstud who may be the best to ever play the game.

            I think the correlation is loose at best. The only good part of your tale is that we are prescribed to be on the winning end of a RB trade, but this is the Vikings. That kind of thing doesn’t happen to us.

          2. Look, some day we may be able to tell our kids/grandkids about watching this guy play. Much like the old timers who talk about OJ cracking 2000 yard in only 14 games….and if we’re lucky, AD won’t pull an OJ and kill people. That’d be a nice bonus.

              1. …and Gayron sans AD will do that? I have my doubts. Favre came damn close with AD, but failed. Me thinks Gayron isn’t the missing piece of the puzzle with AD gone.

                  1. Some very good points on that article….but I’m still right. I’ve already decided I’m right, and I’m a man of my word.

            1. (Ahem). I assume the term “old timers” is offered with a heavy portion of respect and reverence? (or at least with something less than total irrelevance?)

                1. “mossy-backed old coots” eh?

                  You should know that while my vision and hearing are fading a bit, my memory is as good as ever.