Jared Allen Plots Another Run At Sack Record

Jared Allen, as per usual, stayed away from the organized team activities earlier this offseason.  He did, however, show up for the mandatory minicamp that got underway on Tuesday.

Now that he is back and talking to reporters, it is clear that Allen still has the taste of “sack record” in his mouth and is hungry to give it another shot.

“Absolutely (it’s a goal),” said Allen on Tuesday.  “Before you get that close, you’re not really sure if it’s attainable. You always think it is because you always think, ‘If someone did it, I can do it.’ But being right there and actually leaving some stuff on the field … they took the one away in Green Bay and made it a team sack and there were a couple in my arms I didn’t get and there were the ones where I was that close. At the end of the year, I was kind of bummed out. Now I’m 23 away versus one away. But when you start working out again, it’s motivation. It’s, ‘How can I push myself just a little farther?’ I always think it comes down to conditioning. Maybe if I take one more step, or one this, this, that. So you go back and watch film and you try to correct technique and use it as motivation. It’s always a personal goal, and if I’m fortunate enough and blessed enough to break it one day, I’m going to try to break it again. It’s always a personal goal, but personal goals never get in the way of team goals.  Our ultimate goal is to win a (Super Bowl) championship. Otherwise, there’s no point in playing the game.”

Allen spoke to Bob Sansevere about the topic of the sack record in greater detail, and you can read the rest of the transcript by clicking here.