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Caleb King Arrested For Beating And Bloodying Man

Last night, Vikings running back Caleb King attended a birthday party and apparently a 22 year old man was teasing him, comparing his appearance to that of an unknown celebrity.

In the early hours of the morning, as the party was winding down, King allegedly followed the man out of the residence and punched him in the head several times and threw him head first into the ground.  The man then called 911 from inside a car when King opened the door and ripped him from the vehicle.

The homeowners refused to call 911 for the man and instead offered to drive him home.  When the police showed up, as a result of the initial 911 call being tracked, the homeowners then told him that nothing happened and that nobody needed assistance.

At that time, the man was inside the home.  Later, he received treatment for serious wounds and needed over 50 stitches.  Currently, there are worries that he received brain damage from the incident.

King was arrested but denied assaulting the man.  He claimed that the man simply fell down while the two of them were talking.

Rick Spielman, according to the Washington Post, declined to comment extensively on the situation but did say the team takes these incidents very seriously and will continue to gather the facts.

King went undrafted in the NFL’s Supplemental Draft in 2011 after a failure to appear in court and academic issues saw him get the label “character concern.”  He landed with the Vikings as an undrafted free agent, playing fairly well in the preseason, but never appeared in a regular season game.

King figured to be in competition for the Vikings third string running back job this offseason, but this incident will likely see him quickly unemployed.

He will also likely be getting an extended stay behind bars, and if I didn’t know better, I might say that would make him look like a certain celebrity… except without career rushing totals.

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  1. wow..this is flat out nuts….i was hoping to see him compete…he looked good at times last preseason..but if its true…kick his butt out here as fast as we can.

  2. What a slug,
    Hope he gets the Max sentence for kind of attack. It’s one thing to get in a little trouble,
    I agree, That’s flat out nuts!!!

  3. But the guy dissed him, fellas. What else could he do? It may have cost him a multi-million dollar football career, but at least he didn’t allow himself to be a dissee without the proper consequences being delivered to the disser. How’s that working out for ya, Caleb?

  4. Walk away Caleb….just walk away. You know, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” The minimum salary in the nfl is somewhere in the neighborhood of $600,000 per year, the other job your qualified for will pay you $7.25/hour.

    Well put Buds. They guy is a complete an idiot. Freds suspects the “culture of accountabilty” card will be played by the Vikes. We know they do have at lease one additional card they are holding that they didn’t play for Chris Cook.