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Brian Banks Is On The Vikings Radar

After being falsely accused of rape, linebacker Brian Banks is trying to break back into football after an incredibly trying 10 years.  Banks has drawn interest from a number of teams and we can now put the Vikings in that category.

Reports have surfaced, citing Banks’ lawyer as the source, that the Vikings would like to bring Banks in for a tryout to see what he has.

Banks is now 26 and had once made a verbal commitment to attend USC after being highly recruited, but the accusations derailed his life and his football career.  The accuser, Wanetta Gibson, recently recanted her accusations revealing a plot to gain a financial settlement from the school district that both her and Banks attended.

“I think that any team that gives me an opportunity would be really impressed with what I can do despite all of what I’ve been through these past 10 years,” Banks told Ann Curry of Today in May.

Banks has an uphill battle to catch on with an NFL team, but he has certainly caught the attention of football fans (and morning news audiences) and has been a unique, interesting, and inspiring storyline to follow this offseason.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Give the guy a shot,, After all he has been thru he deserves a chance. I hope he makes it in the Nfl.
    What a turn around story that would be.

    1. Agreed Charlie dude deserves a chance. It’s a longshot for him but still a shot. Bet he’d be tickled just to make a practice squad.

  2. Seatle has offered him a chance to win a job. So if Vikes want him they will have to sign him.