(Almost) Perfect Attendance At Minicamp

We are suddenly being flooded with all sorts of news nuggets flowing from the Vikings mandatory minicamp that got underway on Tuesday morning.

One important fact is largely being overlooked, however.

The Vikings have had near-perfect attendance with Eric Frampton being the only player missing.  Frampton’s absence isn’t thought to be a big deal, however, as it is being attributed to an illness.  He is expected to be present on Wednesday.

The Vikings have a number of young safeties that could surely use the extra attention during Frampton’s absence, but they may also be interested in bringing in even more help at the position.  The team has been rumored recently to have interest in former Colts safety Melvin Bullitt, for instance.

Regardless of future roster moves, however, the fact that the Vikings have great attendance at minicamp is an encouraging sign.