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It’s a slow day on the free agency front but there is some news (other than Chris Cook being found not guilty on all counts). According to Jeremy Fowler of the Pioneer Press, the Vikings have shown interest in Cowboys CB, Alan Ball. There aren’t any visits scheduled (that anyone knows), but it is something.

In all reality, Alan Ball would probably just provide depth at an area that is pretty much vacant (or might as well be). But it is good to see the team at least addressing the issue in some shape or form. Almost an admittance that they know the problem/need exists.

Makes me wonder though, if this is just a depth move, why not find it in the later rounds of the draft?


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Brett Anderson

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  1. The guy could only crack the starting lineup for 2 games on arguably the worst secondary in the league. Wow ! I thought you were suppose to try to improve your team during free agency?

  2. wow…another quality pickup…spielman sucks….cant we improve the team? Is that too much to ask???…its the FA agency not the 7th round of the draft..starting too look like he wants a team of 6th and 7th round picks…why to improve there

  3. If they can get him in for a minimum veteran contract this would be a solid low-risk high reward signing. He didn’t start much last year in Dallas because they run the Ryan family blitz schemes that put corners on an island. We run a cover 2, so he could actually be much more effective here and he’s a big corner at 6-1. All depends on contract terms. I love the Carlson signing minus $10 million off the reported total, and I’ll love this guy coming on board if its around minimum salaries for a player of his tenure. If a report comes out tomorrow that they gave him a 3 year $9 million deal, then I’ll be joining up with Norseman and WTF in the Spielman lynching. Also, lets keep in mind that this is just one of many guys they are putting out feelers on, this might be the only article you ever read connecting him to the Vikings.

  4. great site here

    The reality is if vikes can trade back and pick up an additional number 2nd round pic this year will they use it effectively.
    I love adrian but believe this is the 2012 not 1960 or 70 you have to have protection and throw the ball so drafting the stanford guy was not bright

    you can pic up good running backs in 3rd 4th 5th rounds they do well when you have a good O line

    so here is the deal assuming we don’t trade back
    pic up kali and the rest of the o line is fine and pick up another guard about the 5th round

    2nd round best player available between a cornerback and linebacker
    3rd round same as 2nd round if that means taking corner backs 2 rounds in a row do it if you picked up a linebacker in 2nd round then definitely pick a corner in 3rd round

    4th round a short quick wide out 5’8 to 6 feet we then deploy the same offensive style the pats do with 2 big tight ends and 2 short wideouts
    the 2nd 4th round pic defensive tackle or linebacker best player available
    5th round what ever you didn’t get in the 2nd pic of 4th round

    holes needed to be filled
    2 corners even with cook coming back and another one drafted in 2nd or 3rd round need one more back up
    defensive tackle need one
    left tackle-kali
    wide out that is quick and fast with good hands (we will draft him)
    safety(I believe our safeties will get better between seasons if they have not been training all winter fire them)
    one blocking tight end and one 3rd down running back

    adrian won’t return until 6th game if the vikes are smart and toby will be just ok we need one more guy

    The weakest link on team after the draft is over is the vikes QB if they had a tom brady qb type they could compete for a super bowl

    i know it sounds nuts but it is reality

    The Shot caller in newport beach