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Vikings 2012 Free Agent Radar: Cortland Finnegan

[Note: this is the first part of a series we will be doing here at Vikings Territory where we take a closer look at the individual free agents the Vikings could be targeting this offseason. Make sure to check back in the future for more free agents!]

There is no debate that one of the Vikings biggest areas of need this offseason is defensive secondary – specifically the position of cornerback. It is also no secret that Cortland Finnegan, one of the stronger cornerbacks in the league, does not think he will be back in Tennessee to play for the Titans next season. So, naturally, Finnegan has become one of the more popular choices amongst Vikings fans as someone who could be picked up and immediately fill a position of need.

Continue reading for our in-depth look at Cortland Finnegan.

Cortland Finnegan, CB

Height: 5-10   Weight: 188   Age: 27
College: Samford
Experience: 6 seasons


Cortland Finnegan Stats


Cortland Finnegan plays incredibly tough and has a tendency to fly to wherever the ball is. He seems to always remain healthy and avoid injuries – something the current Vikings secondary is incapable of. While he is not a ball-hawk, Finnegan is solid in coverage, good at coming up and making tackles against the run, and would be an immediate upgrade to the Vikings secondary. Finnegan is known for being a feisty scrapper and making some questionable decisions while on the field (see ‘Character Concerns’).

Career Highlights

  • Has started in all 16 games for four seasons during his career in the NFL.
  • Named to the 2008 Pro Bowl and earned first-team All-Pro honors.
  • “With five interceptions in each of the 2008 and 2009 seasons, he became the first Titans player to record back-to-back five interception efforts since Daryll Lewis (1994-97).” (via


Cortland Finnegan is an unrestricted free agent in 2012. In 2008, he signed a four year, 16.8 million dollar contract with the Tennessee Titans. As one of the best, if not the best, defensive backs in this year’s free agency, Cortland Finnegan will expect to be paid a pretty penny. Because he is aging and his production tapered slightly in 2011, I would estimate that he would receive a little less than what he did in 2008. Probably somewhere in the range of 3 million/year.

Character Concerns

As I’m sure everyone knows, Cortland Finnegan has made some (very) questionable on-the-field decisions during his time in the NFL, and has gained a reputation as a dirty player. Most notably, Finnegan was involved in a fist fight with Andrew Johnson after consistently antagonizing Johnson throughout the game. In 2010, he was fined multiple times for things like going after a Broncos player after he lost his helmet during a play and throwing the Giants Steve Smith down by his helmet. While it seemed that Finnegan somewhat corrected his behavior in the 2011 season, the Vikings would be taking a risk considering his history of character concerns.

Personal Opinion

Doing a quick search on Youtube for “Cortland Finnegan” shows you everything you need to know about the guy and how dirty of a player he really is. Personally, I don’t want someone like him on our team regardless of how good he may be. There are other [more respectable] free agents out there who could help our secondary out and I’d prefer we target them or choose to address the secondary in the draft.

Share your thoughts on picking up Cortland Finnegan in the comments below and make sure to check back for future looks into free agents the Vikings could be targeting.

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  1. He,s good, All i can remember when i hear his name is Andre Johnson fighting him during the Titans and Texans game…

  2. I like him. He has a nasty streak in him & thats something thats needed on a good defense. Which is what we want. He is like Dennis Rodman, you only like him if he plays for you & hes always on the opposing teams mind. You rather have him with you than against you.

  3. “There is no debate that one of the Vikings biggest areas of need this off season is defensive secondary…”

    No debate? There is always a debate. That’s why there is this here blogs. Let us not stop discussion by saying “There is no debate.” In facts Freds could make the case that the secondary is an area of strength on the team. Freds would be dead wrong, but a case could be made.

    Well, regarding Finneran, there can be no debate that this guy is a cocker. There can also be no debate that Freds would rather not see him in purple. But he is a tough mother out there. Aside from Tony Windfield, no one at all has any seeds in our defensive back field (Benny Sapp might), perhaps we could use a bit of nasty out there. See that? Freds has started a debate right here with himself. You just wait, old Coach Buds will be in here in no time to put in his two cents and hard hitting nasty defensive backs.

    1. Easy there my right side, soft tackling corner friend. Brett says it is “one” of the areas of need, so he can be excused on this one. We ALL know that THE number one need is Oline, Freds, and I’m sure that Brett and Adam and the rest of our good blogging friends here will agree with us that there actually IS no debate that while DB is one of the areas of need, the only acceptable thing to do with that number three pick is to draft the biggest, meanest, most agile offensive lineman available. C’mon Freds, as long as everyone agrees with you and I on that, we can all get along, can’t we? I mean, as long as we all agree that we don’t consider any trades or pretty boys with that pick, we don’t need to disparage our nice blogging friends or hosts, do we? See there, no problem.

  4. There’s a video out there about the time he spent (and continues to spend) with a young girl that fought and overcame cancer. Watch that video and you won’t have a single bad thing to say about the guy. He seriously became one of my favorite non-Vikings after watching the video!!

    1. Thanks for the comment Brendan! Would love to see the video. Can you give a link to it?

  5. I really wouldn’t want him on the team because I don’t like the dirty play of his. Simple as that, I think there is better options out there for the vikings

  6. This is a tough one. The guy is a bit of a jerk, but then again maybe he could bring a bit of fire to our secondary. You can never have enough cornerbacks when you’re playing Rogers, Stafford and Cutler 6 times a year. Can anyone give any insight on how he would fit scheme wise?

    1. That’s a good point, SB. I’ll try and do some research and touch on it a little bit… In the future, I guess that’s something important to address in these things, eh?

  7. Just remember beggars cant be choosers. Vikes will be at the bottom of the list where FA’s want to go. QB ?’s, coaching staff is a work in progress and no place to call home. I’m afraid Zigy is gonna go all Red McCombs on us unless stadium situation is solved. Doesnt look good at the moment.