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Here is what we are hearing so far in regards to undrafted guys signing with the Vikings.  Keep in mind, at this point, is all rumors.

Chase Baker, DT, Boise State

Derrick Coleman, RB, UCLA

Kevin Cyrille, DE, Florida Atlantic

Bobby Felder, DB, Nicholls State

Kamar, Jorden, WR, Bowling Green

Eric Latimore, DE, Penn State

Tyler Nielson, LB, Iowa

Ernest Owusu, DE, California

Corey Paredes, LB, Hawaii

Austin Paztor, G, Virginia

Tydreke Powell, DT, North Carolina

Terrell Resonno, DT, Missouri

Quentin Saulsberry, C, Mississippi State

Darrion Weems, OT, Oregon

C.C. Whitlock, CB, South Carolina

[UPDATE:  Apparently the above list is pretty set.  Been confirmed by the local media.  This will be pending physicals and whatnot.]
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Adam Warwas

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  1. I have seen Terrell Resonno DT Mizz and Darrion Weems OL Oregon also listed in some blogs. I think I’ve seen more names than we have open roster spots in some of these places.

    1. I have 16 listed (including the two you mention). The one I’m not confident on is A.J. Love

  2. I’d like to see Tyler Nielson stick. I watch the Hawkeyes and Tyler seems to be all over the field making plays.

  3. Paredes from Hawaii will not make it in the NFL. UH nose tackle Vaughn Meatoga needs to put on some weight to play at the next level. I was happy to see UH LB Aaron Brown get drafted. Good tackler and makes quick accurate reeds, we’ll see if he has what it takes to stick around in the NFL.

    They drafted a kicker!!??!!? I can only imagine that SpielMillen did this to win a bet

    1. Why don’t you think Paredes will make it? I watched him play in high school and college, he has a phenomenal football IQ, great hands, and put up impressive pro day numbers. Relentless heart and determination as well.

  4. Powell, Baker, and Nielson would be my picks for guys who have a shot at making the roster.

  5. Boy, Adam, you were right. The Vikes were virtually one-and-done with Kalil. No more OL picks and one UDFA. UFFDA!