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According to this page (scroll way down), the Vikings will be playing host to safety O.J. Atogwe at some point.

Atogwe received interest from the Vikings when he was a free agent last year but said “God told him” that the Washington Redskins was the team to sign with.  Earlier this month, the Redskins cut Atogwe loose after a disappointing season.

In his first six NFL seasons with the Rams, Atogwe became known as one of the league’s best ballhawks.  In 2011, he had injuries to his hamstring and knee and toe that played a part in his lack of production.

Atogwe will also visit the Detroit Lions.

At age 30, signing Atogwe would be a curious choice as the Vikings try to rebuild, but the safety position lacks the most depth on the Vikings roster with Husain Abdullah and Tyrell Johnson currently being free agents.

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    1. Yeah, I forgot to mention that again in this email. Still, I’m not sure how much weight that carries. It sure didn’t seem to matter last year when he picked the Skins.

  1. What happened to getting younger? There were much younger and better safety’s available earlier. Spielman is really starting to show that he can be trusted with what he says.

  2. Sadly there weren’t many younger and better safeties available. If we could sign him to a one year cheap contract, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. We’re gonna have to upgrade our safety play through the draft, but unfortunately that may be tough.