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Jerome Simpson Signs With Vikings!/JayGlazer/status/194829365358493697

Jay Glazer of reports the Vikings have signed wide receiver Jerome Simpson to a one year deal. This news comes right after it was reported that Simpson would be facing a three game suspension this season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. According to ESPN, Simpson “was sentenced earlier this month to 15 days in jail and three years’ probation after pleading guilty to a felony drug charge in Kentucky.” Originally, Simpson received a felony charge of marijuana trafficking after it was found out that two pounds of marijuana were shipped to his home. However, Simpson was able to get the charges reduced to “a prohibited act relating to controlled substances.”

The full details of the deal are unknown at this point. As soon as they become available, we will provide another update. Considering Simpson’s recent legal issues and his three game suspension, one would imagine the contract is very small and lined with clauses.

If Simpson manages to turn a page and stay out of trouble, he could provide the Vikings with the deep threat they’ve needed to stretch the field.

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Brett Anderson

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  1. Hpoefully Aroshawho can be adequate for the first three games. Still need to draft one or two prospects tho but it’s not quite as urgent now.

  2. This isn’t OJ’s kid, is it? Seems like one important quality of a new player would be that he is actually available to play. Sheesh!

    1. Coach, I did read that the kid can participte in OTA’s, mini camps, training camps and preseason games. Dont know if he’ll be any good or stay out of trouble but Vikes are desparate and need to take a few chances, right or wrong.

    2. I don’t think this hurt the vikings much.. If he really shines in preseason and OTA + minicamp then he’ll stick with the team.. If he “stinks” / isn’t worth the trouble, vikings can just cut the strings, and lose minimum.. This a another one of these 1 year prove it kind of deal..

      the interesting question will be, if any of these guys, Erin Henderson, Schwarz, Chris Carr, Bowman, Simposons prove to be very good players will they get long term contracts? or are they just depth + stand ins, till rookies can start contribute with anything

  3. idk i actually like this signing…atleast its a signing of merit…a player who has the ability to start and contribute to a position of need…sure he has his troubles..hopefully he can turn it around and show he deserves a second chance..i just wish simpson swartz and henderson were multiple year deals…cause there the most probable to be long term options

  4. It’s a 1 year deal with allot of upside, This kid needs to be one of those players that given a chance, Turns it around.
    Hopefully this takes Blackmon out of the equation, Kalil and Claborne.
    Talent is deeper for the Secondary, Seems like Kalil is the answer.

    I’m with coach, if they squander away getting Kalil, I’m probably going to Snap a Cog and sign out…

  5. party’s at jerry’s house! *HACK, HACK* *COUGH* **GAACKK**

    i like the signing, too, but another 1-yr. deal?

  6. Like the signing. Anyone who doesn’t think a good portion of NFL players do drugs is kidding themselves and other than that, he’s got a clean record. Could prove to be a good signing, and hopefully at least lessens the chance we take Blackmon

    1. Can’t say I agree with you here, Brendan. A vast majority of NFL players know they have a very good thing going on in their lives, and know better than to jeopardize that. Throw in drug testing and you have to be pretty stupid to stay on that path. If you want a second chance you better be pretty darn convincing.

      1. well coach then please explain how the avarage life time of an NFL player is 50 years.. That is extremely low.. I know there must be many drugs going around.. Something is wrong for them to have such a short avarage lifetime

        1. I didnt know that to be true, Malte, and I can’t say for sure why. I’im just saying I cant agree that “a good portion” of NFL players use drugs. There are a lot of very wise and smart men in the league who use better judgement than that. To be honest, though, who really knows?

      2. I could be wrong, I didn’t think you could get suspended from the NFL for testing positive for marijuana? Someone please verify that for me.

        I agree it’s a terrible decision to make, and one I’d hope most players on my Vikings avoid. But it wouldn’t surprise me if many didn’t.

        1. in the time you typed that you’d like verification of that, you could’ve done your own search on it and gotten your answer, so don’t be lazy, do it yourself

          pot is not a big deal, but they do test for it, and it’s not even classified as a drug, but alcohol is classified as a drug and is way more addictive and harmful. nba does not test for pot, if they did, there’d be no players left, except for jimmer freddettes

  7. It’s a good signing. I’m surprised they didn’t wait until after the draft, but this really shouldn’t affect what they do. It will be nice to have him throughout training camp and the pre-season so they can know what to expect when he gets off suspension.

  8. I just don’t see why we signed him. We will have too many receivers with him on the team, and it’s not like hes an improvement over any of them, he reminds me of a devin aromashadu who’s name I don’t have to google every time I need to type it.

    1. Lecount,,
      I was thinking the same thing, I really didn’t want them picking Blackmon…