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Frazier: “We’re Still Looking”

Leslie Frazier wants fans to know that a slow start to this free agency period does not mean the Vikings plan to bow out all together.  In fact, he specifically identifies some positions that the team is still looking to upgrade at.

“We still want to find a wide receiver that can really threaten the field vertically,” Frazier told Sid Hartman. “We also want to improve our secondary along with our linebackers, also.”

“We’re going to look to do that, we’re going to look to upgrade our team,” he continued.  “We may do it through free agency but we’re definitely going to do it through the draft, as well. But, yeah, we’re still looking at some players in free agency. … It’s not closed, we’re still looking.”

Hartman took Frazier through basically the whole roster and Frazier’s answers didn’t exactly reveal much.  The gist is that they want their young guys to step up, they may re-sign some of their own free agents still, they may look to the outside for added help, and they are looking forward to the Draft.

The conservative approach to free agency, however, does not have Frazier writing off this team in 2012.

“Not in our profession. Somebody else will be sitting in this seat if I look to the future,” Frazier said. “I have to get our guys ready to have a good season next year. We need to have a good year.”

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Talk about the kings of spin, geez. Of course they’re gonna say they plan on winning in 2012 but actions speak louder than words. Hello Ricky and Denzel we’re not stupid you know.

  2. We heard all this same type of stuff this time last year and look how that turned out.. there are still a few quality free agents to be had at positions of need.. Namely MLB, can’t underestimate the importance of that position in our defense.. I really hope we got something in the works that hasn’t been reported yet, cause the lack of activity worries me..

  3. The “still looking ‘” list is growing…frazier is looking for players and the manual that shows how to be an NFL head coach…FAs are still looking for some reason to come to MN and can’t find any…the Wilfs are still looking for a stadium…the MN legislators are still looking for a way to cover their asses avoid making the decisions they were elected to make…the Vikings players are still looking for a leader…and the Purple faithful are still looking for hope……….but there doesn’t seem to be much of it out there (football wise )…..sorry gang, but for the first time i believe the Vikings might as well go to astate state that wants them…i am a Vikings’ fan, but right now i am not a ” Minnesota ” Vikings fan…..may the land of 10000 lakes get exactly what you deserve …..

      1. I know i know i know….it was a weak moment ….thanks for being there for me, freds…..

  4. Good points Krug. As far as the stadium situation…I’m hanging on to Tombs guarantee.
    As far as free agency and the draft…all we can do is hope they have a plan, and don’t make mistakes. You can’t make mistakes in evaluating players!