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Former Raven Chris Carr To Visit

The Vikings are continuing to take a slow, drawn out approach to free agency and nine days in they have finally set up a visit with a free agent defensive back (at least one that has, you know, played professional football).

According to 1500 ESPN, the veteran cornerback Chris Carr will visit the Vikings on Thursday night after already having visited the Chiefs.

After three seasons with the Ravens, Carr was released earlier in March.  Last season, he missed seven games due to a back injury, and fell down the depth chart with the emergences of Ladarius Webb and others.  Prior to last year, however, Carr didn’t miss a game in six seasons.

The Vikings were interested in Carr back in 2009, when the Ravens signed him.

Chris Cook seems likely to return without suspension following his acquittal from recent charges.  Antoine Winfield should also be returning, but will likely be spending most of his time as a nickel back.

Carr, who will be 29 years old when the season starts, would be a decent pickup for a team that desperately needs stability in the secondary.  He may not be the best that was available during free agency, and he may not be the best of who is still available at this point, but right now Vikings fans will welcome just about anybody that seems like they could help out.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Any stats on this guy? Can he actually catch the ball and stay within 10 yards of a reciever? I say sign him and give him a shot, has to be an improvement.

    1. johnny, how many assists per game does he get? oh, wait, wrong guy

      this must be spielman’s ‘sweet spot’ for free agency, where there are still some guys left and they’re cheap. did you see the news today of what we’ve spent lately? guion’s deal is the only decent-sized contract. i’m not complaining too much yet – it’s too soon. carr might be a good one to sign. we really need O-lineman, WRs and DBs, and we can’t play too much poker for the draft bait. and nothing’s happening with our linebackers, either

      1. Hey Cal. Ya I saw those contract numbers and they’re not too shabby. They overpaid for Carlson and Guion but they didnt grossly overpay. Lets face it they’ll have to overpay a little to get guys to sign there. I did like the Swhartz signing, could be a real bargain there.