Vikings Lose By 3 In Indy (Post-Game Rant)

I don’t even know where to begin with this one… It really was no surprise to me that the Vikings managed to make it a nail biter in the tail end of the fourth quarter. I watched the game today with some friends and my wife and assured them all that it would come down to a field goal at the last second despite the fact we were currently down by 14 points. Why? Because it’s the Vikings, of course.

So here we are… 1-1 after a torturous 23-20 loss to Andrew Luck and the Colts. Here are some of my initial thoughts and questions:

Why is it that we completely abandoned the run? We didn’t have any huge gains on the ground but my guess is that Peterson was averaging four to five yards a carry. (Okay, after checking, it was actually 3.75 YPC…) We can’t make ourselves that one dimensional with the lack of threats we have in the passing game.

Seriously, defensive line? I don’t even know what to say here. Same goes for you secondary. This defense is worse than I thought.

I don’t know what it is with Ponder in the first half of games. He looked bad again in the first and second quarters. He didn’t do anything to really cost the team but he also wasn’t winning anything for us. It was amazing how many times I saw him drop back and literally stare down one receiver (Harvin) from the moment he had the ball. I was honestly surprised he got out of this one with no picks again.

I need to go back and watch the coach’s tape because either Ponder just refused to risk throwing the ball or the Colt’s secondary is full of all-pros.

Did anyone else notice that there were multiple times at the end of the game where a Vikings receiver was forced or ran out of bounds and the clock just kept on ticking? What gives?

I’ll be back later to talk about the game some more. I’m going to try to enjoy the late games and pray my fantasy teams can pull out a win. (I’m looking at you Skol12!) I just wanted to get another thread up to discuss the game since the other one was getting kind of long.

-Angry Brett