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Vikings Dominate For Second Consecutive Week, Leaving Playoffs In Play

Adrian Peterson didn’t have a hundred yard game.  Christian Ponder, while making some nice plays early on, didn’t suddenly transform into Tom Brady.  Jarius Wright is obviously not at the same level as Percy Harvin.

Still, the Vikings dealt Houston a convincing 23-6 loss, and the defense can stand proud after this one.

Rookie Harrison Smith led the Vikings with seven tackles, while also adding a forced fumble and a sack.  Jasper Brinkley and company held Arian Foster to almost no gains whatsoever, and he also had a forced fumble.  Everson Griffen and A.J. Jefferson took advantage of those forced fumbles with each recovering one.  Antoine Winfield and Fred Evans each came up with timely sacks, and Matt Schaub never seemed quite able to develop the rhythm that has downed plenty of their 2012 opponents.

The special teams did their job, as well, led by Blair Walsh who broke an NFL record for 50-yard-or-longer field goals.  He scored from 56, 41, and then 39 yards out.

Coach Leslie Frazier should be proud of the way his team played on Sunday, despite the fact that his passing game still looks completely lost at times, as the Vikings have edged a huge step closer to being included in the postseason tournament.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. I really liked the coaching the past two weeks. And, playmakers making key plays in timley spots doesn’t hurt!! SKOL!!

  2. “…despite the fact that his passing game still looks completely lost at times.”

    I guess you and I will have to watch a game together sometime, Adam. For the second week in a row, we seem to have watched two separate games. 🙂

    My game ball goes to Christian Ponder.

    1. That’d be an honor coach.

      Consistently throwing well short of the chains on third down. Throwing the ball into the defenders hands (who luckily dropped it) before his butt touched the turf. Breakdowns in protection. Yes, at times, they looked utterly lost.

      1. Interesting. Based on that criteria, how then would you describe the Texan passing game today?

    2. I don’t know about a game ball Coach. You can’t start handing out games balls simply because a guy didn’t lose the game for us. He was 16/30 for 174 yds. Had some good rushing gains too but the Game ball?
      I don’t think so.

      I am starting to like the guy more and sure like his running abilities but I still see the happy feet and inaccuracy at times. I don’t know if I’ve seen him throw an accurate ball over 35 yards ever but I’ve seen him throw a whole lot of long, inaccurate ones.

    3. Giving him the game ball just seems like a, well, reach…HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

      Damn I’m delightful, huh?

  3. I am starting to think that this young defense will dominate next season, especially if Cook can live up to some of the potential he was starting to show prior to his injury. Harrison freaking Smith, that guy is going to be star. I sure wish ‘Toine was about 5 years younger, love that guy
    Obviously the jury is still out on Ponder but he has hope!

    Next stop playoffs maybe.
    A chip and a chair Boys, that’s all we need.

    1. Agree, Fran… the Draft can only provide more talent and depth to what is a very promising young D. Ballard and Griffen are both seeming to improve (Griffen moreso than Ballard) and the secodary is leap years better.

      1. Which brings us to the thought of trading Jared. I look at Griffen as an up and coming dominate DE and we could get most teams in the NFL interested in Jared. The trades and draft picks we could get for Jared just begs for us to make a move with him.
        Don’t get me wrong, thre is nothing I do not like about Jared Allen, I just know our needs are so great, if we are evr to make a SB run in the next couple of seasons, we simply have to explore all trade possibilites to get there and Jared is a huge chip.

        1. I dunno, Fran, parting ways with him could majorly backfire. Plus, I don’t think he would net us as much as you think in a trade.

          Regardless, I do agree that the current situation (last contract year) means they need to at least approach him about a contract extension to reduce his salary as he goes through the twilight of his career. If he is not receptive to a pay cut then maybe, MAYBE, they see what the market might look like. With franchise tags, however, there is no reason to think that Allen wouldn’t be on the roster the next two years at least.

          1. You’re probably right and keeping him would work out just fine. I just want to see us start next season with a legit #1 WR AND Harvin and a DT. Maybe we’ll get lucky in the draft, who knows but I just can’t get over the fact that we are deep at DE and I really like Griffen a lot.

    2. we stopped their running game today and got four sacks. great game. they were flat from the start