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Vikes To Receive An Extra $1.6 Million In Cap Space

Prior to the signing of Sage Rosenfels, the Vikings were expected to have roughly $23 million in cap space, which is plenty of wiggle room to allow them to be active when free agency kicks off tomorrow.

Today, news broke that the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys have been caught cheating.  They didn’t install a bounty hunter program (that we know of) recently, but they did dump a bunch of money into the uncapped year which the league clearly warned teams not to do.

As a result, the NFL decided to shave the Redskins salary cap by a whopping $36 million, while the Cowboys cap penalty exceeds $10 million.  The NFLPA wouldn’t be happy to see that money just disappear altogether, so the remaining 30 teams that did not cheat will each receive an additional $1.6 million in cap space.

That includes the Vikings.

It also should be noted that Washington was expected to be a major player in the Vincent Jackson sweepstakes, but they now have considerable cap issues that could prevent them from doing so.

In fact, they had to cut safety O.J. Atogwe today, who the Vikings have been previously interested in and who just happens to be married to the daughter of Vikings assistant head coach Mike Singletary.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. wow 36 big once is a big hit to Washington.. RG III might get a hard time if he isn’t surrounded by talent via the draft.. And they already lost their second round pick.

  2. Do you think they are getting Zygi’s jet fueled for free agency? Hope if flies to New Orleans and then makes a swing through Tennessee with a possible stop in Baltimore.

  3. I’m a little concerned Henderson hasnt been locked up going into tomorrow. Gonna be a big mistake if we let him walk

  4. Well that’s 2 less teams to compete against in free agency and probably even three when the Saints get punished. Redskins should be off the list for Vin Jackson now and Carr off Cowboys list. Make a push for Atogwe too, he’s a second tier guy now and wont cost that much.

  5. It would be great if the Vikes could land Atogwe! We need some serious help at safety! I saw something on that said the Cowboys were thought to be a serious contented for Carl Nicks, but after this they are effectively out of the running!

    1. I doubt the Vikings target Atogwe (unless the fact that he has ties to Singletary weighs heavier than I think it would…). Atogwe is 30 years old… One of the biggest factors of who the Vikes will target in FA, I believe, will be age.