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Spielman Stands By His Carlson Signing, Looks Forward To Next Year

Sorry for the lack of posts here lately, but every time I sit down to write during this bye week I come up empty handed, and I just can’t bring myself to write about the Draft yet since the Vikings are still in the playoff hunt.

Leave it to Tom Pelissero, however, to give me something to regurgitate and then opine about.

Pelissero recently got a chance to talk with G.M. Rick Spielman about his decision to woe tight end John Carlson away from Kansas City with big bucks and sign the unheralded veteran despite a recent lack of production and knack for being injured.

“I know what you see out in practice and how he works in practice and the types of catches that he does make in practice,” said Spielman of his veteran tight end.  “That he got hurt and missed all that part of that training camp (with a knee injury) kind of set him back, especially when you’re trying to learn a new scheme. But sometimes, some of these veterans don’t work out as well until maybe their second year.”

“John looked healthy (on Sunday),” Spielman continued. “I know he caught that one (slide) route and you saw that burst that we have seen in the past when he sprinted up afterwards.  The one thing that he’s done that he doesn’t get enough credit for is he’s done an incredible job blocking for us. I think that whole tight end group is the key to the way Adrian (Peterson)’s had so much success on the field as well, along with our offensive line. But just haven’t seemed to be able to get John going (as a receiver).”

“I think John Carlson has a lot of football (left) and is a very good football player for us and will be a good football player in the future,” Spielman reiterated.

Now, I have never been as down on Spielman’s decision to sign Carlson, as he has been a solid tight end in the past.  I’ve always liked Carlson’s abilities, personally, when observing from afar.

What doesn’t sit well with me is that the money spent on Carlson completely ignored his tendency to get injured, and he has already been injured twice as a Viking, and also ignored a clear need at wide receiver.

Sure, when the Vikings signed Carlson they thought they would have Greg Childs at their disposal, but they also didn’t know they would have Jerome Simpson (who is another questionable signing as it is).  Instead, the Vikings decided to get cheap when courting wide outs such as James Jones who has cured his drops, 42 catches, 485 yards, and eight touchdowns this season.

Spielman’s comment about not being able to get Carlson going as a receiver might indicate he thinks the problem lies more with Bill Musgrave’s offense than it does on Carlson himself.  If Musgrave ends up being on his way out of Minnesota after this season, however, then Carlson won’t be the only tight end learning a new scheme in 2013.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. I liked the carlson signing. He is a good player and if he gets over his injuries(and we get a qb who doesn’t throw it 3 yards over his head every pass) he could be a good TE. One thing he has going is he isn’t having repeat injuries or a lingering one. Hindsight probably not worth it, at the time a good gamble and he could still pay off.

    1. Skol, are you referring to our current Viking QB who has the 9th highest passing completion pct. among all starting QB’s in the league at 65.2%? Which, by the way, is higher than all but one of the QB’s with five years or less of NFL play. I know the verdict is still out on his future after starting about 20 games, but apparently he isn’t throwing EVERY pass three yards over the receivers’ heads, and apparently other QB’s miss open recievers as well.

      Not saying you have to like him, Skol, (I’m not sure if I do or don’t yet, either) but the numbers do indicate some level of competency in the area of accuracy, and I have seen the guy throw a number of very accurate passes. Just sayin…

  2. Speaking of Spielman and Ponder, here’s some bad news reported by the AP for those hoping for a new QB in purple anytime soon:

    Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman is giving quarterback Christian Ponder a big vote of confidence. Spielman says “I have full, 100 percent belief that Christian Ponder’s going to be our quarterback heading into the future.” Spielman made the comments on Wednesday during a bye-week session with reporters. Spielman says it’s important to remain patient with Ponder as he goes through a three-year development plan.

    (Sorry if this was in one of your links, Adam. didn’t read them all.)

    1. What is he supposed to say? “I used the 12th overall pick last year on a quarterback and after 18 months I realize I F’ed up and set the team back 2+ years.” No Coaches/GM’s are too arrogant/stupid/ignorant to admit mistakes that big until they are fired.

  3. with harvin and jenkins hurting, it’s time for wright and carlson to make an impact, simpson, too, but he’s injured as well

  4. I thought this signing was piss poor when it happened. They way way overpaid for this injury bug. Too bad Ricky will never admit a mistake and just move on.

  5. so, the kitties are back to lying by their dish, in last place and going nowhere. let’s hope we can count on the 49ers to help us out

  6. And help us out they did Cal. Bears look very beatable…no Cutler I know, but damn. That O-Line is a mess. Our boys should be able to get to whoever their QB is.
    If we do not give them any turnovers, we have a shot. That’s how they win, otherwise they are an average team.

    1. wow, Colin Kaepernick is good tonight. smith might not be the starter now. we can beat the bears if we can score