Return Of The Links Of The Week

There are some periods in the NFL calendar that are so slow that a “Links of the Week” feature just doesn’t work so well.  With the NFL Scouting Combine starting Wednesday, free agency less than a month away, and the NFL Draft now two months away… that time is over.  I’m glad to announce the Links of the Week are making a comeback!  Enjoy.

  • I’ve been cheating on you with another blog.  Read what I recently wrote about Joe Webb.
  • The Vikings have reportedly struck a deal to play at TCF Bank Stadium while their new stadium is under construction.
  • We know at least one Minneapolis Council Member won’t be voting for a new Vikings stadium paid for with public funds.
  • Minnesota hasn’t hosted a Super Bowl in over 20 years.  A new stadium could change that.
  • Adrian Peterson can help you land an NBA All Star weekend… fully loaded.
  • Interesting article about the NFC North singles out Greenway as a negative, but Erin Henderson and John Sullivan as positives.
  • Even the most cynic amongst us has to admit this looks like a tough Draft for the Vikings to screw up.
  • Adrian Peterson reveals the reason he considered changing his jersey number, and the dollar amount that made him drop the idea.
  • Some rumors of a nose tackle the Vikes are interested in, and a schedule for the Combine.
  • Some excellent nitty-gritty details on the Vikings salary situations, including interesting details on Joe Bergers contract.
  • A scouting report that pegs Brandon Carr as a solid fit for the Vikings.
  • Alan Page reflects on his life in honor of Black History Month.
  • Charlie Johnson was on the wrong end of a lot of criticism last season.  You can’t criticize his durability, though.
  • And now, here it is, your moment of Zen: