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Another Interesting Acquisition

Rick Spielman and his scouts have had an interesting offseason when it comes to finding depth players.  They found the CFL’s hardest hitter.  They found a point guard.  They nabbed a running back that has overcome an inability to hear.

Now, they are at it again, for better or worse.

The Vikings filled the roster spot left by Asher Allen’s sudden retirement by picking up undrafted rookie Corey Gatewood out of Stanford.

The big question here is where Gatewood will fit in.  He started six games at cornerback in 2009 but, according to 1500 ESPN, requested to be put back at his original position of receiver.  In four seasons at Stanford (he sat 2008 out) Gatewood only had two career receptions, 10 career rushing attempts, and 10 kick returns.

At corner, the 5’ 11” Gatewood contributed on defense and special teams.  He has been credited with 40 career tackles, two interceptions, and one pick was returned for a touchdown.  He has no tackles for a loss, no sacks, no forced fumbles, and no fumbles recovered, according to this stats site.

Gatewood reportedly ran a 4.44 second forty yard dash at Stanford’s pro day, and may see his best chance of sticking to the roster by impressing on special teams.

The Vikings have listed Gatewood as a cornerback on their official roster.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Rumor has it that SpielMillen was gonna sign a blind TE off the roster of the Helen Keller Swedish Touch football league but couldn’t get a roster exemption for his seeing eye dog. Not to worry though, the guy got a job as Jerome Felton’s full time designated driver, the dog rides shotgun.

    And yes, Swedish Touch is a league as well as the name of the bar Big Johnny hangs out at

  2. The Vikings’ staff watched a lot of Notre Dame and USC film this offseason.
    Stanford beat ND 28-14. M Floyd was held to 8 catches for 92 yards. Corey Gatewood logged an INT in that game.

    Corey must have flashed something in the big games against ND and USC to catch the attention of the Vikings’ staff.

  3. This is an awesome blog. been visiting it for months now easily the most entertaining Vikings blog and news ive seen. SKOL

    1. Thanks! Glad you have been visiting and decided to make the plunge into our comments section. I hope you keep on coming back (don’t let these guys scare you off, haha).

      Must compliment you on the name, by the way. Never seen a date used as a screenname, very original. Plus, it reminds me of one of my All-Time favorite games, Beyond Balderdash.


  4. Hiya July 4,
    It is #1 in my book for sure, Great writers and Bloggers too !

  5. oh yes we got a good GM here in spielman ***crickets***yea right ..but i gotta hand it too him….i didnt realize the bottom of the barrel was bottomless….next he will sign a paralized man as a running back