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Peterson Dominates First Drive Of The Game

While there is no live chat today here at VT, I am going to try and provide some updates from time to time throughout the afternoon.

First up is the Vikings first drive going for a touchdown, putting them up 7-0 in under two minutes of play in Seattle.

On the first drive, Adrian Peterson looked to be at his best when he ripped off a 74 yard run to set the Viking sup at the goalline after getting caught from behind.  After a failed attempt from Christian Ponder to pass for the score, Peterson punched it in on the next play.

I said it before the game, and I’ll say it again, running is going to be the key to seeing offensive success in Seattle.  Dial up lots of it, Musgrave, and hope for similar results.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. I didn’t know it was possible after his last few starts, but this is the worst I’ve seen Ponder look accuracy wise to start a game yet. His most accurate throw was the one he threw away after AD’s big run.