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Links Of The Week: Moving Towards Seattle

First off, I want to give a genuine and heartfelt welcome to Gil, our newest writer.  I admire Gil’s ability to write for so many different outlets and produce such interesting content, and I think he will bring another fresh perspective to VT as we wade through this very intriguing 2012 season.  Glad to have you aboard, sir!

Second, happy birthday Brett!

Okay, after a very disappointing home loss to Tampa, the Vikings will soon pack their bags and head to the Pacific Northwest to take on the Seattle Seahawks. Whether we are talking about the loss that is in the past, or the game that is in the future, there is a ton of great content out there right now and I wanted to round up the best of the best for you:

  • The Vikings have brought in a punter for a workout which is interesting because the Vikings have one of the most popular/unpopular punters ever.
  • An update on how the whole stadium thing is progressing.  SPOILER:  At this point, it kind of looks like a breakfast danish.
  • Throughout his career Adrian Peterson has set a lot of bars very high, but this one is a new accomplishment.
  • I know this is predictable quarterback-speak, but Christian Ponder has the right attitude right now.
  • There are at least two very good reasons to expect that the Vikings will qualify for the postseason.
  • 17 missed tackles.  That is one stat that will jump out to you in this article about Thursday’s loss to Tampa Bay.
  • A “source” told PFT that opposing defenses have figured out Christian Ponder.
  • Super famous Viking Territory writer Gil Alcaraz IV takes a look at just how explosive Percy Harvin has been in 2012.
  • The topic of this article is so outlandish I can’t even bring myself to type the general subject description to tell you what it is about.
  • Some took Thursday night’s performance as verification that Christian Ponder is not, I repeat: is NOT, the franchise quarterback the Vikings have been looking for.
  • While the Vikings lost Chris Cook last week, Mistral Raymond appears to be making his way back to 100%.
  • Sidney Rice is healthy and looking for a big game against his former team.
  • Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson may prove to be a tough combination for a struggling Vikings defense.
  • This is just simply cool.  Check it out.
  • Leslie Frazier refuses to single out his quarterback and says the entire offense needs to step up.
  • According to my math, Bryant McKinnie has to pay up for about 3,750 lap dances.
  • Route running was a point of emphasis during this week’s practices.
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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Happy Birthday Brett! How old? Let me guess…26?

    How bout this- Through his first 18 starts, Ponder has a higher passer rating (77.8) than Matthew Stafford (76.8), Drew Brees (75.2), Josh Freeman (74.5), Peyton Manning (72.8) and Eli Manning (72.6) had through each of their first 18 starts.
    Still hope for the kid, don’t give up on him yet.
    One of our biggest problems the past couple weeks is the run D, WTF! Poor tackling, not staying in their gaps? If that doesn’t get fixed, we are in trouble vs Seahags. Denzel said it would…I suppose I will believe him, why not?

  2. Thanks for the mention! Now that you mention it, the plans for a new stadium do look like a danish…or maybe the Sydeny Opera House?

    Also, Happy Birthday Brett!

    1. Actually johnny, angry would be cheaper and leave him feeling better in the morning. Gotta weigh the pros and cons on this one, Brett, but Happy Birthday either way.

        1. Besides, I’ve never known anger to lower the inhibition levels of lovely young ladies. Alcohol, however…yahtzee.

  3. link #10…..Ponder NOT the franchise QB etc…….what I wrote last week only Vikes Geek is a much better writer…..great article

  4. Happy birthday Brett.
    And just a quick comment on Bryant Mckfats money woes; Dude should move to Alaska.
    For 375K he could have got close to 18,000 lap dances at $20 a pop at the Great Alaskan Bush Company. (A friend of a friend told me this)

    1. adam left, you have no more friends in alaska, so don’t try and fool us, your wife told you that