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Links Of The Week: Headed To D.C.

Heck, it has been a while, so let’s do this thing:

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. I think we all agree that its a little early to draw any grand conclusions about this team, and that the true test will come starting after the bye in week 11. Even so, I do think this week is a very good barometer for this team in light of the fact they are playing another up-and-coming-team with a young and effective QB. And I will repeat that it is a game on grass on the road – that has been a problem for the Vikes in recent years. People use to wonder how we beat the Rams at the old Met in the playoffs. Well, there were several reasons, but the turf played a major role then, and it still does today. If we come out of this game with a win, I will elevate my opinion yet one more level, because I think this is the biggest challenge since the 49er game.

    1. Coach, when you brought up the old Rams/Vikings rivalry, it reminded me of my youth. When I was a kid, 10 years old, the Vikings came into being. Being of Viking ancestry supposedly and completely gaga over anything Viking, I immediately jumped ship from the Rams, who were my Dad’s favorite team, to the newly formed Viking team, much to my Dad’s dismay. He always complained that the rams would tear us a new one if they could ever get us in SoCal for a playoff game. Well, that finally happened one year and the Vikings had to travel to the Rams and play in SoCal. My Dad was beside himself, thinking that now the Rams had us. The night before the game, it started raining. And never stopped and the LA Coliseum turned into a huge quagmire. Perfect Viking conditions and we beat them!
      Ah, the memories. . .

      1. I remember it well, Fran. Yeah, it was almost sad the way Chuck Knox and his crew just could not get past us. Brown, Osborne and the gang knew how to keep their feet under them in that stuff. Lawrence McCutcheon… not so much.

          1. Couldn’t agree more Fran. No reason to dislike Coach Knox. BTW, loved the story about your dad. Poor guy.

  2. That’s our Buds, Mr. decisive. Are you going to really wait 11 weeks before drawing any grand conclusions? 11 weeks Buds? Hell man, just hang on until the end of season, then you can be correct when you predict the Vikings record for the year.

    Step out Buds, give your pal Fragile ONE grand conclusion on this Vikings team. Come on let your hair down….just one. You know, something wild like, ” Christian Ponder will start this year at quarterback or perhaps, Brian McKinney won’t play left tackle this year.”

    Don’t wait 11 games Buds. Just do it.

    Perhaps Freds is being a bit too rough, you were very decisive on the “grass” take.

    1. Freds being a bit too tough?? That’s like saying Brian McKinney won’t play left tackle this year.
      And by the way, he DID play LT last week. Ok, it was only one play and for a different team, but play, he did. HA!

    2. (Sigh…) Freds, you haunt me like 4 Super Bowl losses. Have you taken a look at the schedule? The observation was based on us not playing either the Bears or Packers before the bye. Just sayin’ that when the division is on the line, we’ll learn more about how good this team really is. Meanwhile, I am stating what concerns me as we head into this game. If predictions are a requirement to be a fan here, I will probably need to leave.

      One grand conclusion I have, however, Freds, is that I like the WAY we won the last three games. They weren’t tennis matches where the last team to serve wins. We controlled those games by getting a lead and knowing how to defend. It didn’t matter how many times the opponent’s offense got on the field, they weren’t going to run away from us. Many times in recent years our wins have come by outscoring the opponent in the final possession, (a la Jacksonville). We appear to be developing a defense who can say, “Thanks for the lead, offense, we got this one from here, just don’t give them any free points on us.”

  3. Adam, I haven’t had time to read most of the links you posted but the “Smith goes to Washington” was a great read! What I got out of it was how vastly improved we seem to be on defense. Chris Cook, Smith, Henderson, Winfield, Robinson. . .Man! we have the makings for a long run at having a great secondary, not to mention our D-line.

  4. freds…..ok, ok, ok…..I had a little crow buffet since halftime of game #2…..BUT, I’m still with coach that the second half schedule will tell us whether we’re one year away from the playoffs or back to the drawing board…..I’m hoping for a split with da bears and puckers and three other wins to end with a 9-7 “winning” season…..I am liking what the def has been doing and the youth movement is good…..I’m glad the paragraph I wrote yesterday didn’t go through…..I said by week 13 we’d know if we’re improved……and boy, freds, I’d be in the doghouse with coach!

  5. sorry to hear about griff’s mom. been through it, and it’s the worst. hope he doesn’t suffer too badly. just gotta grieve the loss and work through the pain

    i think one big important conclusion is possible at this point. it’s fairly safe to say, even though it’s early and a little bit of a surprise, but it’s our most important question being answered, and that’s that ponder is finally our answer at qb. we knew this kid was smart, and he and the coaching staff are using his talents about as intelligently as they can for a guy in his second year

    this is a big deal because ponder can be our long term answer at qb. we’re ahead of schedule and we’ve won a game a lot of us didn’t think we’d win. i expect our young vikes to be inconsistent and lose games that we should win, too, but even if we make the playoffs this year, we just don’t have the experience yet to win at that level, and i don’t expect a title, although i’m gonna cheer and pull like hell for it to happen. making the playoffs almost doesn’t matter to me at this point because my hope is for the next year or two and beyond, and that’s what having our long term qb situation settled does for us. unexpected wins, or winning ahead of schedule is great, and making the playoffs would be icing on the cake and give us valuable experience for future playoff runs, so i really want that, and who knows, if we got hot in the playoffs, could we beat the pats or the ravens or the texans? damn right we could!

    we’ll probably have a letdown at some point, and i’m prepared for that, but seeing our defense play this well, harvin being such a productive spark plug, and AP come back this soon aren’t as impactful long term as ponder’s development is, so this is about as encouraging as it gets for me

  6. Watch out Cal. I like your thoughts, but I don’t see any definitive predictions in there. Freds isnt going to be happy with you.

  7. Bud is absolutely correct about the grass field observation. Secondarily, I think this particular game is as big as the Frisco game in that this is where the team has to prove to themselves that they are an elite bunch. Letting up here will lead to an embarrassing loss and mire them in confusion. This is a defining game for the season and they can’t let it slip away.

    1. I wish the coach hadn’t mentioned the grass and on the road thing.
      he’s the only guy here that thought we matched up well with the Niners and well, we know what happened then.
      Sure hope the guy is wrong this time!

      1. Me too, Fran. If we play Sunday on grass like we have been on turf, no one will be happier than me. And maybe we will, I’m just sayin’ its been a problem for us in recent years. I also read some site where the guy guarantees five losers this Sunday, and the Redskins are one of them (along with Packers, Chiefs, Raiders and Giants). He really bragged up Ponder.

      2. Tell you what Fran, I recall ol’ Coach sayiing he collected the future Mrs. Coach from out here in Corvallis/Oregon State U, so I have no doubt he knows his grass REAL good.

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to call Coach an old pothead.

        Again, I don’t WANT to…

        1. Sorry, Tomb, not gonna bite on that one. I never smoked the stuff, but I certainly know the aroma from my college days. Just so we’re clear, Mrs. Grant and I are both born and raised Minnesotans. She just took a little time for some college out west – you got some beautiful country out there, that’s for sure.

          1. Never smoked, eh? Sooooooooo…more of a bake it in the brownies kindaguy? Right on, man, right on.


      3. Well Fran…Coach might want to think back to the last two years. I recall our Vikes winning those games, and yes they were on…grass. Between and outside the hash marks.

        1. That’s a very good point, cart. We did win on this very field last year. Duly noted, although I’m not sure either team was at the caliber they are now.

        2. On “Grass”, beween the “Hash” marks? Man. I got the munchies for some reason. . .

  8. Here’s what I’m watchin’ for tomorrow. I would like to see a very disciplined pass rush that focuses on keeping Griffin in the pocket. I don’t think we need to sack him, just keep him in a very small area to do his work. If we make him a strictly pocket passer, I like our chances real good. But, if he is allowed to sustain drives with runs on 3rd and 8, then I think we’ve got trouble on our hands.

    1. Coach,
      Your right, Its a must on keeping him in the pocket, I don’t think he would be patient enough if he can’t scramble…

  9. It’s weird, with our recent history of DB’s, to be talking about contain and let him throw. I don’t know how to deal with it.

    1. Yes, I was thinking that same thing. What a difference a couple rookies can make. Hope that doesn’t blow up in our face here some week.