K-Will Looks For A Longer Commitment

Kevin Williams has chosen an interesting time to let it be known that he would like a contract extension, especially since he has almost no leverage whatsoever.

Williams is set to make $7 million this year which is a considerable sum considering that both injuries and a lack of production have made Williams a less-than-stellar defensive tackle over the last couple of seasons.  This could technically be a contract year for Williams, but the Vikings could also pick up an option next offseason that keeps him on the roster for two more seasons at an annual salary of over $8 million.

Nobody currently on the roster has been a Vikings longer than Williams, and speaking from his football camp this week he told reporters that he had previously approached the Vikings about making sure he stays with the team, but isn’t sure how the team feels about his future wearing purple.

“They might not feel the same way,” said Williams. “We have a lot of things to take care of between now and then. My main thing is to have a good year and whatever happens after that happens after that.”

Williams seems to recognize that the option built into his current contract gives the Vikings options next offseason, and he knows that he can’t have a bad season if he wants to earn that extension.

“But I don’t plan on doing that, and I know they don’t plan on me doing that,” Williams said. “I plan on having the best year ever, and we can move on from there. You definitely want to show you can still be one of the top guys, if not the top dog in the league.”

“I think I’ve done enough and proven myself enough in this league where — it’s like your mom tells you when you’re little, if she don’t like you enough, another one will,” Williams said. “As long as I go out and demonstrate my abilities and play at a high level, my legacy will write itself. I just try to put it on the field.”

This story won’t exactly set off some sort of crazy domino effect of reports like Percy Harvin’s shenanigans from last month, but Williams is typically an incredibly quiet dude, so him speaking about this at all just illustrates that how his career ends is weighing on his mind.

Obviously, the best scenario for everybody involved is for Williams to go out and have a killer season.  With any luck, that is exactly what will happen.