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Friday Pick Lands Vikings Some Cornerback Help

After a Thursday that was all about the trades, Rick Spielman and the Vikings stayed patient with their lone second day pick.

At 66th overall, the Vikings decided to select Central Florida cornerback Josh Robinson who weighs in at 5’ 10” and 199 pounds.

Robinson figures to fit in well as a zone coverage corner, with great speed and consistent tackling abilities.  He has matched up real good against solid receivers in college, most notably A.J. Green.

He was the fastest of all players at the Scouting Combine and looked quite fluid in the other drills, too.

We will have more coming soon on this pick.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Sounds like some very good stadium news today also!!!!! Bill on the way to Senate and House floors. Maybe the draft helped the stadium bill.

  2. Interesting quote here about Kalil from the Vikes OLine coach:

    “It’s hard to put your finger on it and describe exactly what you see,” Davidson said. “But you can tell when a guy has a true passion for what he does. In my opinion, if we can get ourselves a room full of guys with a passion for the game, we’ve done our job. The vision here is to get smart, tough guys who have a passion for the game. Matt fits that bill.”

    A good O-lineman needs an attitude. He needs to dish out as much as he’s taking from those rushers and linebackers. Again, Tim Irwin comes to mind.

  3. I want to throw this out for some opinions. What would you all think about trading for Jacoby Jones for a late round pick since he is now available?

    1. nah, he couldn’t do much when the opportunity came, and he couldn’t do much even with Andre Johnson taking all the attention