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Erin Henderson The All-Pro?

The hit website Pro Football Focus has taken the internet by storm the last few years with their unique stat tracking and player analysis.

This rating system of theirs pegged John Sullivan as the second best center in the NFL this season and Phil Loadholt as the best run blocking right tackle in the NFL this season.  In a year that Vikings fans had trouble recognizing any positives on the football field, outside of Percy Harvin and Jared Allen, it is always interesting to see their evaluations of individual players.

The latest tidbit of interest involves Vikings outside linebacker Erin Henderson, who is due to become a free agent in March.

Henderson has been named to PFF’s second team 2011 All Pro team as a 4-3 outside linebacker.

In fact, Henderson is the only Viking other than Jared Allen to make either the first team or the second team (Allen was on the first team), which means PFF has Henderson rated ahead of Chad Greenway. 

“Henderson isn’t on the radar of many,” says the article.  “Especially as a two down linebacker, but his play was so good it’s hard not to imagine some clever team giving him more than the Vikings can and get him on the field for every snap.”

After leading the league in special teams tackles, former Vikings linebacker Heath Farwell was named to the first team as a special teamer.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. i’m sure hennepin county has a spare social worker they could give to the vikings. maybe she’ll know defense

  2. As the rest of the article continues… Pro Football Focus also notes:

    – Asher Allen is a first team all pro for his incredible shut down abilities and 5.2 – 40 time.
    – Joe Webb is starting over Tom Brady for his 62 inch vertical leap
    – Bernard Berrian is second team for …..oh you finish the rest.

    This article is crap.

    AK just made it up to piss Fred off.

    1. As much fun as that would be, freds, I included the link to the story… no joke. Well, okay, maybe to some of it there is a joke involved.

    2. as i’m sure freds knows, there are accounting gimmicks and there are ratings gimmicks. numbers and statistics can be massaged to do what you want

      could sully’s agent have used this info. to bolster his client’s extension?