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Dunbar: “They Didn’t Kill My Family”

Karl Dunbar responded to being fired by the Vikings in this article at Access Vikings.

At points, Dunbar seemed perplexed that he was being fired since his defensive line played fairly well this season, but refuses to suggest he is getting a raw deal.

The reason he doesn’t think he’s getting a raw deal?

“They didn’t kill my wife and they didn’t kill my family,” Dunbar explained.  “They took care of my family. So no, I didn’t get a raw deal.”

I think Karl may want to redefine his personal meaning of the phrase “fair treatment,” as merely letting your family live does not qualify as fair treatment on its own.

All joking aside, Dunbar seemed grateful for his six years in Minnesota, and seems to have a fairly positive attitude about moving on to the next opportunity, which he will surely have his pick of.

What did strike me as an interesting statement from Dunbar suggests that Frazier’s supposedly complete control over his coaching staff may not be quite as complete as we have all been led to believe.

“Coach Frazier told me the ownership wanted to go in a different direction,” Dunbar said.


I thought ownership gave Frazier control of his coaching staff.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. could be his personal matters were the cause of the ownership involvement. if spielman is leaving the DC decision totally up to les, maybe ownership should get involved in that, too. hope it’s not singletary. we don’t need personal friend nepotism here

  2. had an Ah-Hah moment yesterday…..leaving out a lot of useless details, a blue collar, redneck type in his banged up, powered up pickup truck roared up behind me, road my ass for awhile, swerved around me when the opening came and raced off for the up coming red light…..thirty seconds later I pull up behind him at that light and notice his custom plates, BLITZBRG, and I get it, the guy is a Steeler fan and it all makes sense, it also dawns on me, the Steelers are a team with an identity, and have been for a long time, and my beloved Purple haven’t had an identity for years (Purple People Eaters comes to mind)… we run around, throw a lot of passes, score a lot of points, try to hold on to a 38-35 lead, enjoy the 70 degree temps in Dec on turf, go on the road on grass and get beat by inferior teams, and now we add the medium lavender uniforms with ballerina stripes and are “lead” by the likes of brainiac chilly and soft spoken les and I’m thinking, is this what a “Viking” is all about? Isn’t it about time we replace the KAO with some KAD? yeah, I remember when Tice dumped Moss and said we won’t try to replace him, we’ll go defense…then we left Merriman on the board and took butter fingers Williamson at #7, and we’ve been “soft” ever since… hope with all this rebuilding coming up is that we bring in a coaching staff and the talent to build a team and an identity that a real Viking would be proud of…..foget the rape, plunder and pillage stuff, but when your team meets the Vikes on the field, prepare to get your ass kicked…..hmmmm, and all because a pickup passed me on 4th Ave…..

  3. Good post krug. Good points, I would have to agree, I miss the good old days.

    I hope we get the stadium deal, I prefer an outdoor stadium. But…it ain’t gonna happen.

    1. I’m cool with the indoor stadium but I am really am ready for a team known for it’s defense over offense, even though passing and QBs are the talk of the league…..looks like things are changing on the “D” side

      GO BISON!!!!!

  4. Speaking of the D. That twitter thing-

    According to CBS’ Clark Judge, the #Vikings will interview four for the DC job: R. Morris (done yest.), Spagnuolo, Mel Tucker, & Singletary.

    That’s from Judd.