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Dontari Poe To Visit With Vikings

Reports are surfacing that the Vikings have worked out Memphis nose tackle Dontari Poe.

Poe (6’ 4” – 346 pounds) solidified his status as this Draft’s top nose tackle with a superb display at the NFL Scouting Combine which included a 4.87 second forty time.  He is expected to come off the board in the first round, but it would be a stretch to call him a candidate to be drafted in the third spot currently occupied by the Vikings.

The team’s interest in top prospects outside the top three is not unsurprising, however.

The Vikings appear to have genuine interest in moving backwards if the right offer presents itself and they need to be prepared to pull the trigger on other top prospects should that situation become reality.  Secondly, since they own the 35th pick too, they need to be prepared to select a top prospect that happens to fall into their lap.

The Vikings have also visited with Boise State defensive tackle Chase Baker.

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  1. these last interviews all seems to be prospect worth taking in the 10-20 range.. Do you think Vikings are considering going as low as as 15 to Philly? There has been reports that they might want to strike a deal with Browns.. Vikings could be a option as well there.. It makes great sence to interview that should we trade down.. Or perhaps one of these great talents will simply fall on draft day and vikings could consider moving up into the 20 range perhaps..

  2. There are some other rumors about the Chiefs being interested in Tannehil and that would be an intriguing trade. At 11 the Vikes could look at Poe, Kuechly, or any of the d-backs not named Claiborne. Their first round pick next year would also be much more likely to be in the upper half of the draft than the Eagles pick. That would be the problem with trading with the Eagles in my opinion, they are a super bowl contender so that future first round pick isn’t likely to be a high one. The Chiefs will likely be walking into a buzz saw of division opponents led by Manning, Palmer, and Rivers, so I doubt they are any better than a 500 team.

    1. well you never know with division anybody could win,. just a season ago they were in the playoffs.. and was drafting at the 26 spot if I remember correctly
      – but I agree most likely higher than eagles

  3. All I can say is this is going to be one of the best draft in years as far as trading up and down goes. I just think Kalil is to good to pass up since premier left tackles don’t come around very often. I definitely can see the Vikes trading down in the 2nd round though as well as the 3rd round.

  4. If we leave the first round of this draft with a DT with huge just potential and hardly any good tape, I for one, will not be very happy at all. No matter what we picked up in a trade. I think we need to look at the Browns from last year and ask them if they’d rarer have Julio Jones or what they received. I think it’s pretty obvious they made a huge mistake trading down like they did

  5. Ponder needs some help and protection, He,s going to get it with a DT. I,m with Brendan, Would be very disappointed with that pick…
    I could see them itching to pull the trigger, I would almost hope they didn’t get anyone just so we could get Kalil.

  6. I was reading an article earlier, can’t remember site, but it made an interesting point in that Kalil USC, is not the typical lineman the Vikings go after. He’s about 30-40 pounds to light, so they may have their eye on Floyd N.D.(who I like more than Blackman OK. ST.) in the 1st and possibly a big body later like Glen UGA, Osemeli IA. ST., or even later a Massie OLE MS., or Sanders FSU. If this is their approach maybe that’s why we need more FB types to take on LBs our lineman can’t get to. I don’t know, just another way to look at things that most people haven’t talked about. Just to tie in with the heading I don’t like Poe Meph. in the 1st. Great combine, inconsistent during the season, from what I read. To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Memphis game, so basing opinion on what I’ve read, not on any film I’ve seen. Just leary of guys with great combines following solid, not great, seasons. I believe he’s a 3-4 guy as well. Could be the next Ngata Bal. or the next Dorsey K.C. and I could be in over my head trying to figure any of this out.

  7. Just to add to Kalil USC, I’ve been impressed by his ability to move around the field. To seal the edge and still move down field and find a LBer or DB and get into position for another block. I like Kalil a lot, but he may not be what the Vikes are looking for. Maybe they just want a bulldozer OT on the edge and use a TE or FB to help chip on passing downs. If Kalil has a skill set you’re not going to use, maybe going a different direction is acceptable. If this is their attitude I think we will see a movement all through the draft.

    1. Final sentence is supposed to say movement by the Vikings up and down throughout the draft.

    2. I think the vikings might starting to go a little different approach.. I think they want to slowly start passing a little bit more.. maybe end up at 55-45 pass-run ratio during the year or next.. Kalil could easily add 10 pound and still be very good pass blocker and be better in the running game

  8. Matt Kalil is what everyone is looking for. He could be an All-Pro from day one and will be a dominant LT for the next 10 years. Passing up on him cause he’s “a few pounds too light” would be an indication our front office is completely clueless, and honestly should cost people their jobs.

    1. He is still young and will only get bigger and stronger as he get into the strength and conditioning program.

    2. I agree 100% with that sentiment. If they were to pass on Kalil because he only weighs in at 300 then they should fire everyone in that front office. With the speed of the defensive ends and OLB’s, teams should really be getting away from the 350 lb tackles that can barely move and focus more on the athletic guys like Kalil. If you want your center and guards super-sized to get you that yard or two on 3rd down than fine, but you need your tackles to be true athletes in the current NFL landscape.

  9. McKinnie never applied himself or put his heart into it, and Phil Loadholt isn’t the answer so far either.
    So much for the bigger linemen…
    Maybe the Vikings need to go in a little different direction, Kalil would be the answer…

  10. Kalil isn’t the right guy for Vikings doesn’t fit Vikings blocking scheme. And had a great qb to make him look better. Qb didn’t hold ball very long , very quick release. Vikings better no pick Kalil, he will not work for Vikings.