Breaking Down The New Organizational Structure

There are oodles of articles floating around right now about the “big changes” taking place inside the Minnesota Vikings organization right now.  I recommend clicking the sites in our blogroll on the left side of the screen if you are interested in reading more.

The truth of the matter is, however, that so far very little has changed.  Nobody has been fired and nobody has been hired.  Rick Spielman has been promoted to General Manager, which can lead some people to believe Leslie Frazier has been demoted but his job title is still “Head Coach.”

There may still be some personnel changes coming, but for now I want to break down into very simple terms what the roles will be moving forward.

Zygi Wilf:  Obviously, as owners, Zygi and Mark Wilf have total control over the organization.  Their primary job will be to secure a new in-state stadium for the now-homeless Vikings to spend the next 30 years in.  Ownership will also have final say over who holds the title of Head Coach.

Rick Spielman:  His new position gives him total control over all roster decisions, including the 53 man roster on cut down day.  While input will surely be welcomed at times from Frazier and others, there is now zero doubt that the Vikings roster is 100% Spielman’s responsibility.  It sounds like the scouting department, including Scott Studwell, are going to be safe.  Whether it be free agency, contract extensions, or the NFL Draft the Vikings now have a name to hold accountable for any future seasons as bad as the one we all just endured. 

Leslie Frazier:  Whether you want to call it a demotion or not, the fact is that Leslie Frazier will get to focus solely on coaching the players that are given to him.  Frazier will retain full control over his coaching staff and it is unknown if changes are coming, although many expect to see some turnover this offseason.  Frazier will also have control over who is the starting quarterback and where players fall on the depth chart.

Rob Brzezinski:  Upon hearing the news of Spielman’s promotion I was immediately worried that the Vikings would foolishly dump one of the league’s best capologists, Rob Brzezinski.  By all appearances, however, Brzezinski will still be heavily involved in player contracts and the Vikings official website still has him listed as the Vice President of Football Operations.