Banks To Visit Vikings At End Of The Week

A few days back, we passed along the information that linebacker Brian Banks is somebody of interest to the Vikings (and everybody else that follows football) this offseason.

After being exonerated of rape charges that took a decade of his young life, Banks has become quite the celebrity and many are hopeful he will become the feel-good storyline of this season, regardless of where he lands.

According to Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times, Banks will attend a minicamp with the Seattle Seahawks this week.  If he leaves Seattle without a contract, then he is scheduled to visit the Vikings at the end of this week.

The Vikings could be the perfect match for Banks should they choose to offer him a contract.  They are a young team looking to improve but, at the same time, expecting some growing pains.  Plus, they could use some depth at linebacker.

Banks could have the inspired type of play, the will to succeed, that coaches will love in training camp despite the certain obstacles he will have to hurdle in order to succeed in the NFL after such a long time away from the game.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this storyline and let you know of any progress as far as the Vikings are concerned.