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At Halftime, Things Are Close

Percy Harvin blew up at Leslie Frazier on the sideline following three awful plays on offense, and then the Vikings defense had to take the field following the go-ahead field goal.

The defense had some nice plays but a failed fourth down stop, a Chad Greenway penalty, and a couple of missed tackles gave the Seahawks just enough life on their final drive of the half.

The drive ended on a screen pass to Golden Tate, who appears to be our Achilles heel today, how flew across the goalline for a touchdown.

The silver lining here, however, was that Steven Hauschka missed the extra point following the touchdown.

With 38 seconds and three timeouts, the Vikings got the ball at their 40 yard line on a short kickoff.

A one yard pass to Percy Harvin on first down resulted in a timeout being used.  Then Ponder threw and incompletion to set up third and nine.  Gerhart, on a draw, gashed Seattle for a first down however, which kept the Vikings alive with one more timeout to spend.

On first down, Ponder inexplicably held onto the ball forever and he was sacked.  The Vikings then used their last timeout.  Predictably, a three yard pass to Michael Jenkins, who was too immobile to get out of bounds, ended the half.

Your halftime score:  20-17, Seahawks.

I hate to say it, but I am incredibly close to hopping onto the Joe Webb bandwagon.  I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.

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