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Another Vikings Loss

With five and a half minutes left and down by ten points, Christian Ponder ended the Vikings hopes of winning by throwing two troubling passes deep, one of which ended up in a defender’s hands for an interception.

The Seahawks were then able to use their running game to chew the clock and essentially put the game to rest in drawn-out fashion.

The Vikings, for the second week in a row, were the only NFC North team to lose and are now closer to last place of the division than first place. At 5-4, the Vikings uphill battle to qualify for the postseason, and that battle is one I have trouble seeing them win with a passing game like this.

Your final score is 30-20, with Adrian Peterson rushing for 170 yards, but Christian Ponder only nabbing 58 yards through the air.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Obviously another atrocious performance by the passing game in general, but the defense really crapped the bed today as well. D-line should be completely embarrased by how badly they got pushed around and I think this was the worst I’ve seen Erin Henderson and Jasper Brinkley play together. I gave them a break last week because the offense and special teams put them in such bad positions the entire game, but other than the early Percy fumble, that wasn’t the case at all today. Coach called them out in a late week post for last weeks performance and he was right.

    1. The defense played good enough to win, while I will admit they(Little Henderson, Brinkley, Guion) need to be replaced it is a little hard to put more than a fraction of the loss on them.

  2. i’m surprised that ponder has regressed this long. i wanted to see him bounce back, now i’m wondering if he’s got it in him at all

  3. Brett,
    Will you side with me yet and admit Ponder is (very close to) a lost cause. It is only his 2nd year yeah but wow he looks awful. In the first few weeks he looked “not bad” while not bad can lead a team to the playoffs he has been bad, and worse since. I still think we give him to the end of the year but after another god-awful performance I am sending my scouts to USC/Tennessee/Oklahoma/Arkansas to scout the top 4 QB’s in next years draft class(no I am not counting Geno Smith hes gonna suck). I could be wrong but I believe that Ponder will be gone within 3 years and not starting anywhere after next year at the latest. This is the point where Mr Grant will say to calm down and I am overreacting, give the kid some time, or another reason I am wrong but I’m sorry I am right here. Ponder is a bust and Frazier should be fired, if by some miracle they turn their horrible qb play around Ill gladly eat my words but it isn’t going to happen(my track record is 100% when I say a qb is dead).

    As to the loss I can’t blame anyone other than Ponder. Wr play was decent this game, defense was good enough to win, AP was, well AP. Yeah we allowed 30 points, but thats because we couldn’t get any passing offense going, this isn’t 1960’s or even 1990’s football where “Offense sells tickets but defense wins championships” no football is about offense now(and this is coming from a guy who played defense).

    1. yeah, ponder looks to be in trouble. if his confidence isn’t there, they’ll replace him sooner than if only his physical skills were betraying him, and if our O could’ve clicked, they wouldn’t have had as many opportunities to score 30 pts.

      the last two weeks we looked bad against the run, but we did play against two good runners. we need a phat pat

    2. You’ve got every right to be frustrated, Skol, as I felt we should have been much closer to winning this game. I agree that Ponder is making no points for himself right now, and I was most unhappy with the play calling on our third trip in to the red zone. Its time this team gets its passing woes corrected somehow. However, I do not agree that the defense played well enough to win. That was an ATROCIOUS performance by our defense, and if they continue to play that way, we are going to be back to needing to win games 38-35, and that’s not going to get us anywhere.

      Consider this, Skol, about yesterday’s opponent. Seattle had not scored 30 on anyone else in the league through the first 8 games, and were having all sorts of trouble in the red zone, and yet we let them parade into the end zone all day long. Meanwhile, 6 of their eight opponents were held to 20 points or less (including the Packers – 12). This is a tough team to score on. You may want those high scoring wins, but the fact of the matter is that 30 points allowed will almost always result in a loss. Only two winning teams in the entire league allowed more that 20 points yesterday, while 6 of 7 teams that gave up 30 lost. We needed to win this game 23-16.

      Yesterday was another testimony to the fact that the team who wins the line of scrimmage wins the game. We are losing that battle on both sides of the ball right now. And, as good as we tackled earlier in the season, well….

      1. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        Well, that’s actually not true, I probably could have said it better, but not by much.

        1. I’m tempted to see a compliment there, but I know how hard that would be for you. As a result, I am exercising the common sense that tells me, “No, there is no compliment there”, (although “not by much” could serve as a consolation prize.)

          1. I was forced to defend your views, as I completely agree with them. Know how hard that is for me???

            I had to allay too much effusiveness with the slightest of pejoratives. Surely you understand.

            1. You bet I understand. I’m on a couple of really strange sounding medications myself.

              Meanwhile, I will endeavor to effusive less agreeable views so that you might more comfortably allay your guile upon them. (thank you… thank you very much.)

              1. rogaine and viagra are strange sounding???

                What do you get when you mix Rogaine and Viagra?
                A: Hair that stands straight up on your head.

                1. Hey, hey, hey… uncalled for Cal (or is that uncaled for Call?) I use neither of those products as I find I have (almost) no issues with any areas they might treat. As long as we are posting riddles however…

                  Q: What do you call meditations by Tim Tebow?
                  A. Christian ponders.

  4. i see the ol bandwagon has some space

    brett favre used sidney rice like a camera app on his cell phone, but they didn’t do that so much today. rice was supposed to, according to the hype, have a big game against us. they also dropped passes, their qb threw a few bad ones, and they still beat us. it was actually a good, entertaining game until the 3rd qtr.

    and next is detroit, who is improving, while we’re going to try and hold ponder’s hand until he puffs up his balls and plays like a first round qb

  5. I’m sorry, but allowing 30 points is not “playing good enough to win,” especially after allowing yet another RB to go over 100 yards on the ground. I’m not going to defend Ponder by any means, our passing game is so bad right now it’s ridiculous, but the Seahawks controlled things up front before the time of possession should have taken a toll on them. I can understand them breaking down in the 4th quarter, but they were jumping off sides and blowing gap assignments the entire game. Even if the passing game was functional and this turned into a shootout I don’t get the impression we would have won. The defense needs to take some share of the blame for this loss.

  6. Outside of Peterson, pretty much the rest of this team was unwatchable.

    Ponder doesn’t just look bad, he looks REALLY bad. That’s a definite concern.

    1. Tomb, I’m finally gonna join you and call him “Big Reach” Ponder. Yikes!!! I heard Greg Colemans report after halftime and he was saying there were recievers open but Ponder wasnt seeing them.
      The more I see out of Alan Williams defense the less I like it and dont get me started on Muskrat.

      1. That’s funny, I forgot about “Big Reach.”

        Normally I LOVE being right…but in this case…not so much. He really looked AWFUL.

        1. Haha I remember on more than one occasion you and Coach going back and forth about this. I cant wait to see if our fearless leader is still gonna defend his position? No offense intended Coach.

          1. No offense taken, johnny. The book isn’t closed yet on Ponder, but I certainly expected better than this in year two. We HAD to get started down the road of developing a QB in that draft, so I don’t fault what the brass did there. Even so, its time Ponder gets things going in a better direction than this.

    1. Haha you might have had this pegged right from the start Count.
      I agree with Cal, I want to see MBT get some time, nothing to lose at this point.

  7. AP is such a great RB. just wow. enjoy him, he won’t play forever. lynch was good, too, and it was good to see reisner contribute. at this rate, we might finish with 6 wins. after our start, that’d be a let-down, but an improvement from last season. it’s important that we find out, for the rest of this year, if ponder is our man. i’d like to see MBT, too, kid has an arm

  8. I think I was more bothered by Ponder’s play today than I have been his past few stinkers. Even last week I could find some positive things like him making an effort to look off the safety, but his play today was just terrible. The accuracy issue is something I thought he could work through, but it’s getting old and his decision making is getting worse as the season goes on. I also don’t see him doing anything on the sideline to try and rally the troops when things are going bad. The camera just shows him standing alone looking puzzled. I’m not writing him off as the whole passing game is a mess, but I thought the struggles today were more on him than Musgrave, atleast in the first half. The second half I’m not so sure. Other than the last play where Percy came open across the middle as the ball was being intercepted on the sideline, I don’t recall seeing anyone running wide open, but Ponder’s perception of what is open has certainly changed since that first month of the season. The defense still gets a couple thumbs down from me as well today.

    1. Is it just me or does Ponder consistently throw the longer balls into double and triple coverage and more times than not out of bounds and uncatchable?

  9. ahhh, it’s becoming clearer and clearer… predicted, we continue to lose and lose and lose….and then, just when we have a shot at a franchise type player in the draft, out of nowhere…….Webb wins a game at the very end and we drop about eight spots and get a Spielman crap shoot for a pick…..I think Yogi had a saying about all of this…… thing I do know, I watch a few highlights of games around the league and I keep saying to myself…why don’t we have players like that….why don’t we have coaches like that….AD, you are special…that’s why I wanted you traded to a contender so we could rebuild fo real… latest prediction: our 3-win season was not the bottom…we will see that or worse again before a real change comes to this franchise…..right now we draft in the top 20…..THAT’S UNACCEPTABLE!!!!! I want BETTER!!!!!!! we deserve a top 8 pick!

    one thing that would cheer me up big time………………………………………………a new president!

    over and out

    1. Dont worry Krugs with a 5-11 record we should get a top 8 pick. It was heartening to see Cheech getting pissed on the sidelines, maybe somebody will wake up as a result.
      And yeah a new president would cheer me up too.

  10. Oh boy…

    Sorry there was no post after the game tonight… Had family in town and things to do after we took our beating. Needless to say, Angry Brett was alive and well.

    Main point: Your running back is averaging A FIRST DOWN every time he touches the ball. He is averaging over 10 yards. After halftime you give him the ball 5 times. FIVE!

    These Sundays lately make my head want to explode. Just too hard to watch.

  11. To hell with a better draft pick! We still have a shot at the playoffs…yeah I said it. Bench Ponder, go with Joe, there you have a shot.
    I want to believe in Ponder, but it is getting very tough.

    1. Playoffs? Did you say playoffs? Sorry CC but that Jim Mora thing came to mind. I agree benching Ponder is the only thing that makes any sense right now, he needs a wake up call. Webb is not the long term answer but does give them the best chance of winning right now.

      1. Exactly Johnny. Right now, he gives us the best shot, period. Sticking with Ponder is…stupid. You play to win the game….hello?

        1. Yeah CC it reminds me of that old definition of insanity, something about doing the same things over and over?

        2. The Vikings are who we thought they were! And we let them off the hook. After week three we wanted to crown their asses. Sorry I had to join in too, but it fits. I predicted 3-5 wins at the start of the year and said 6 if they overachieved, which they did. I thought I was wrong when we were 4-1 but now I see I was right on.
          PS: I forgot who but a couple Weeks ago a defender said NFL teams figured out ponder, maybe there was truth to that and not just smack talk.

  12. Webb SUCKS!!!! Remember how bad he played in the preseason??? Short memories, I see.

  13. I got to attend my second ever Viking yesterday.. Lets go through the positives and negatives.

    – I finally got to see Adrian Peterson look like Adrian Peterson!!! The only other game I had been to was in San Fran a few years back when he had something like 8 carries for 3 yards.
    – I made a last minute decision to switch up jerseys and put away the classic Adrian, Percy, or even Jared and rock my Antoine Winfield jersey.. He signed it before the game.. One of the coolest moments ever!!

    – CP…..
    – Watching the game, I started to dream about the day when I could truly say the Vikings were a well coached team… I don’t hate Leslie, but I just don’t think he’s a great coach. To me, the turning point of the game was when Pete Carroll had the balls to go for 4th and short at the end of the first half… The drive ended in 7, and seemed like the difference to me. Could never see a Viking coach have the balls to make that call

    1. Had a vendor offer me tickets for this game…glad I didn’t take them. Would’ve pissed me off had I taken the time to go there.

  14. harvin says he’s a long shot to play sunday. cook is gone, so megatron’s free to roam. this coming loss to make us .500 at the bye. vikes must continue to play ponder because so many excellent QBs have taken longer to get good, but i’d like to see MBT in there at some point, why else do we have him?

    stay masochistic, my friends. we might win another game this year, but be ready with your razor blades

  15. Dear Mr. Ponders,

    It’s me, your old pal Fragile. Well Chris, Freds has heard a great number of people jumping off your band wagon. Please know that Fragile Freds is not ready to jump overboard. Freds thinks you are just going through a tough stretch and will recover just fine. Your offensive line is doing well, the defense is playing well and we have excellent linebacker play. On top of all this Chris, you are lucky our receivers are all pro bowl starters from last year, they will pick you up.

    Keep in mind when things aren’t going well Chris, you only need to turn to your limp wristed, ass tapping punter, he will boom one 15 to 20 yards to get you out of trouble.

    These idiots in here Chris don’t understand the game. These clowns have no idea how difficult it is to master the BSO (bubble screen offense).

    Stay the course Chris, stay the course!