Webb Likely To Stay Put

I am glad to see some of you utilizing the “Fran’s Forums” page to discuss items I am not posting about here, hopefully that will continue to happen.

I noticed one post on there that was pondering (seriously, no pun intended) what was now in store for Joe Webb.

First things first, I wouldn’t expect him to overtake Donovan McNabb on the quarterback depth chart this season.  If Christian Ponder were to suffer an injury, I think we would be back to McNabb.

Secondly, some may not have noticed, but Webb actually lined up as a slot receiver for a few plays against the Panthers with no throws going his way.

In a recent interview with the Pioneer Press, Webb indicated that there was been no talk of moving him to receiver at this point.  Webb’s interview was the definition of classy as he said he is willing to play whatever role Leslie Frazier wants him to, but will not pressure Frazier to move in any particular direction.

“I don’t go to them and say, ‘Coach, I want to do this. I want to do that,’” said Webb.  “I just let them tell me where they want me to be for that week and just try to do my job.”

Webb’s presence has been scarce ever since the disastrous unveiling of the “Blazer Package” in week one, but I personally think Webb’s potential lies in some sort of specialty role similar to that one.