The Next Big Question

When all is said and done, Minnesota’s 21-27 loss to Oakland will mean very little.  It is their eighth loss of the season and almost certainly will not be their last.

The remainder of this season can’t play out quick enough for those that are eager for the NFC’s worst team (okay, they’re tied for worst) to start the process of turning a franchise around. 

Questions need to be answered.  Who will they draft?  Who will be available on free agency eve?  Who might be jettisoned? 

First, however, one question will need to be answered before we can even begin to predict the rest of the offseason.

Should Head Coach Leslie Frazier be retained into 2012?

That question needs to be answered before anything else.  It will determine if Christian Ponder really is the quarterback of Vikings future.  It will determine if the Vikings stick with their 4-3 defense or decide to make a change.  It will play a major role into whether disappointing players like Chris Cook and Tyrell Johnson are afforded even more chances at success while wearing a horn on their helmets.

I’m a little surprised that we even have to seriously discuss a coaching change right now, but it is also hard to argue that the record might indicate that a severe reconstruction of the organization needs to take place.