Special Session? Psych!

One Minute:  The Vikings need to come up with a specific stadium plan.

The Next Minute:  We don’t like your plan.

30 Seconds Later:  The Vikings need to come up with a specific stadium plan.

And so goes the Vikings efforts to secure a Minnesota-based home for the team as the distant future is suddenly not at all distant.

As I noted yesterday, I fully expect this thing to play out publically in an ugly manner and that nothing will get done, one way or another, until the game of chicken comes to an end at the very last second and somebody veers off course.

Wednesday, however, another disappointing twist surfaced when Governor Mark Dayton announced that a pre-Thanksgiving special session to address the stadium issue is not going to happen.  Earlier in the day House Speaker Kurt Zellers emailed his fellow republicans to let them know he was not going to support a special session.

Zellers says that he cannot support a special session until he sees a specific stadium plan presented.  No special session means that the issue might not be taken into consideration prior to next spring which is worrisome since the Metrodome lease expires on February 1st and the Vikings can announce their relocation starting on February 15th.

Following the news, the Vikings publically responded via the following statement:

“The Vikings are concerned about the turn of events surrounding a stadium solution in Minnesota. While we have been encouraged by the efforts of Governor Dayton and the four caucus leaders to seriously discuss this issue, these recent developments are very disappointing.”

“The Vikings stadium issue has been heavily debated in the public for over 10 years. With less than 90 days left on the team’s lease, the urgency to act is on us. The Vikings continue to stand ready to work with State leaders on a stadium solution that works for Minnesota and the team.” 

Governor Dayton expressed disappointment that little progress has been made by State leaders and decided to cancel his scheduled meeting with Zygi Wilf on Friday.

There are tons of varying opinions out there right now about what is going on.  Some are blaming Zellers, and our friends over at Daily Norseman point out that he does have a phone (651-296-5502) if any of you want to make your opinions known.  Meanwhile icon Harvey Mackey, who was instrumental in getting the Metrodome built, details reasons why Minnesota should get a deal done and make sure the Vikings stay where they belong.

Not everyone, even one of my favorite Vikings bloggers, is on board with the plans put forth by the Vikings.  Vikes Geek has long been cynical of this whole stadium fiasco and, as with any important issue, I always recommend reading the other side of the story.  His most recent post regarding the stadium situation can be read by clicking here.  In the archives of the site you will find more, similar posts.