The chatter as to whether or not Leslie Frazier has what it takes to be a head coach has not really hit high levels at this point of the season, and maybe it never will. 

One thing I think is a very important trait of a Vikings head coach, in particular, is to have a very healthy understanding of the importance behind NFC North rivalries.

Frazier seems to understand how important games against the Packers are to his fan base, even in a nearly lost season, and showed some out-of-character feistiness when talking about Green Bay’s goal to have an undefeated season.

“Our goal is to squelch the talk of an undefeated season after Monday night,” Frazier recently said.

Of course, it would be asinine to hear a coach say they didn’t want to win their upcoming game, but it is fun to see Frazier seemingly get a little giddy at spoiling something that the Packers want ever so badly.