Monday Myths: Quarterback Position Is Settled

Now that Brett is so kindly handling the tech side of this operation I am hoping to put out content at my normal pace (i.e. more than there has been) including a whole bevy of new weekly features.

If you haven’t noticed, I tend to occasionally look outside the box, so I decided to make a true habit of it by contradicting popular belief in my brand new “Monday Myths” segment.

First up, the quarterback position.

I hinted at it last week when I stumped for the Vikings to claim quarterback Kyle Orton off of waivers, but I think the position is much less settled than most believe it is.  Hence, I think it is a myth to believe that quarterback won’t be a need this offseason.

Let’s start from the bottom up.

The current third stringer, Joe Webb, remains an intriguing mystery that seems no closer to being solved than it was a year ago.  Webb has played quarterback, wide receiver, and kick returner for the Vikings in his two seasons.  This year, his quarterback play has been limited to his role in the seldom-used and seldom-successful “Blazer Package” which is essentially the Vikings version of the Wild Cat. 

Webb’s inability to be real successful as a specialty passer or as a pass catcher could spell the end of his tenure with the Vikings.  It is obvious that they do not consider him the long term answer at either position so Webb’s spot on this team will be challenged next year during training camp.

In the second string is Donovan McNabb and his box of doughnuts.  It is clear that he will be gone and a replacement will be needed.  Ideally, the Vikings would probably prefer to find a veteran backup that is not only capable of tutoring Christian Ponder, but also stepping in at a moment’s notice with the capabilities of winning a football game.

The free agent choices at quarterback are expected to consist of guys like Derek Anderson, Chris Redman, Marc Bulger, Matt Flynn, Alex Smith, Kyle Orton, Shaun Hill, David Gerrard, Vince Young, Chad Henne and others.  Drew Brees is set to have his contract expire but there is no way he makes it to the open market.

Lastly, it should not be assumed that Christian Ponder is 100% guaranteed the starting role in 2012.

Say what?!?!

That’s right, I said it, and here is my reasoning.  Leslie Frazier once again showed he has to improve as a head coach very quickly or else he could be a goner when he removed the Vikings possibility of victory in a series of very questionable calls against the Falcons on Sunday.

It is possible, even if the chances are slim, that the Vikings decide to clear the slate and bring in an all new regime to run the show.

Those familiar with the NFL know that the first thing new regimes like to do is to find their quarterback around which their team will be built.  If Frazier is sent packing, it would not be surprising if very serious competition is brought in for Ponder to deal with, and since that competition would have been handpicked by the theoretical new regime, he would be at a disadvantage.

So, while the Vikings secondary and offensive line are likely to be the center of any offseason talk this year, don’t forgot that this team is not out of the woods yet when it comes to football’s most important position.