McNabb’s Release Means Almost Nothing

Well, we have all read about it by now.  Donovan McNabb was officially released by the Vikings, per his request, on Thursday.

As always, I am here to weigh in on these important issues.  After all, thousands of articles were written about the impact of his arrival a few short months back, so his release must also be worthy of nauseating dissection as well… right?


McNabb’s release means so little to the Vikings at this point that the most impactful thing I can think of is the potential loss of a potential late round 2013 compensatory pick.  That is it.

In six games with the Vikings he completed 60.3% of his passes for 1,026 yards, four touchdowns, and two picks on his way to a quarterback rating of 82.9.

The season is over.  McNabb was never expected to be in purple next season.  Furthermore, if fans are going to pay money to watch this team anymore this season, you can bet it is Christian Ponder or Joe Webb that they want to see taking snaps.

Thus ends McNabb’s tenure in Minnesota.  An article about his condition issues, a television appearance in which he somewhat threw his teammates under the bus, and some mild speculation about where he might land next.

With over five years of speculation about how McNabb might fare as a Viking, it will take each of us less than five minutes to digest the news that he is gone and that his departure means almost nothing.