A Sigh of Relief

Alright Vikings fans, you can all exhale now. A week ago today, we reported to you all that Matt Kalil, the offensive tackle from USC who is considered by many to be a top-5 prospect of the 2012 NFL Draft, would be returning to school for another year – effectively eliminating any chances of him becoming a Viking. Of course, the news came from a “source close to the situation” and Kalil immediately came out to say the information was not true. “I’m not close to making a decision. That will probably happen in the next couple weeks. No decision has been made. I just started thinking about the process I’m going to go through to make the decision.”

Well, this time we have a more reliable source: Chris Mortenson at ESPN. Mortenson reported just a few hours ago the Matt Kalil has decided to turn pro.

*Queue the celebration*

Matt Kalil is a very exciting prospect for the Minnesota Vikings who are in dire need of an upgraded offensive line during the offseason. He would be an instant upgrade to the position of left tackle and would help to ensure that Ponder has a long, healthy successful career as a Minnesota Viking. Many believe that the Vikings will land Kalil with their very high pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. In fact, I would estimate that around 60-70% of the mock drafts that can be found online show Kalil as a Viking in 2012.

Well, you all can rest well tonight knowing that Kalil, at the very least, will be an option for the Vikings in April.