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Minnesota Vikings salary cap update

This offseason, despite having over $20 million in salary cap space, the Vikings chose to hang onto their money rather than sign some notable free agents. It was a puzzling move at the time. The offensive line needed help and there were still quite a few positions to fill. But fast forward to now, and the decision makes complete sense.

The team used the excess cap space to lock up its best core defenders. In addition to the three contract extensions of defensive end Everson Griffen, defensive tackle Linval Joseph and cornerback Xavier Rhodes that were inked this preseason, standout safety Harrison Smith signed a 5-year, $51 million contract last year. The last two offseasons, the Vikings committed $135 million in guaranteed money to four defensive starters.

Because of the enormous salaries top defenders command, it has been difficult for NFL teams to keep an elite defense intact for very long. However, the Vikings front office has shown they’re committed to doing just that. Financially, they have put the team in a strong position to succeed for the long haul.

Let me tell you why.

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Purple FTW! Podcast: Vikings-Buccaneers Recap: The Keenum King (ep. 421)

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings doubled up the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34-17 Sunday afternoon at Historic US Bank Stadium. The theme of the day was “Unlikely Heroes” as Case Keenum had the best game of his career, leading the Vikings offense in the absence of Sam Bradford. Plus the Zimmer Hellfire Defense got Turnover Party 2017 (finally) started forcing Jameis Winston into three interceptions. An all-around great performance and the type the team needed to snap the squad and fanbase out of an early season funk.

Today’s Talkers Include:
• Case Keenum Silenced a Lot of Critics
• Pat Shumur Called a Helluva Game
• Dalvin Cook Ate
• The Zimmer Hellfire Defense is The Zimmer Hellfire Defense
• Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen
• Andrew Sendejo’s Best Game of His Career
• Xavier Rhodes-Mike Evans Lived Up to the Hype
• What Happens Next Week at Quarterback?
• Odds & Ends
• Looking Ahead at the Schedule

All that and more “On to Detroit” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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What we learned from the Vikings' 34-17 win over the Buccaneers

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1. Hey, Case Keenum has value!

Astute readers will understand (mostly from seeing my name in the byline) that this post’s title is largely tongue-in-cheek; we’re not going to be casting Keenum in the Brett Favre mold anytime soon. HOWEVER, what Case Keenum did Sunday was remarkable. 25/33, 369 yards, 3 touchdowns, and no interceptions would be a blazing stat line from Sam Bradford, and is all the more impressive coming from the backup who struggled mightily at Pittsburgh last week.

The extraordinary part of Keenum’s performance, and the reason behind the sheepish yet not totally inaccurate gunslinger designation, was they way he threw downfield. Keenum aired it out early and often, starting with a pretty long ball down the sideline to Adam Thielen on the Vikings’ first drive and continuing for most of the game. The Vikings’ quarterback posted a colossal 11.18 passing yards per attempt, light years better than both his career average (6.6) and the 2016 NFL average (7.16ish). For reference, the record for yards per pass attempt over the balance of a season is 10.9, set by Sid Luckman in 1943. So yeah, Case was feeling it against the Bucs.

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Episode 109

Graphic designed by Brett Anderson

BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald discuss the Minnesota Vikings’ dilemma with Sam Bradford and Case Keenum and also breakdown strong starts from Dalvin Cook and Xavier Rhodes.

Episode 109 is proudly sponsored by BlackStack Brewing and The Twin Cities Directory.


  1. Into: The Agenda (0:00)
  2. Sponsor Note: BlackStack Brewing & The Twin Cities Directory (1:00)
  3. Bradford & Keenum: Can the Vikings win with Case Keenum? (1:50)
  4. Cooking Up Trouble: Dalvin Cook Proving his Worth Early (27:35)
  5. Rhodes Closed: Xavier Rhodes Solidifying his Status as an Elite Cornerback (39:15)
  6. Sign-Out: Vikings Viewing Party September 9th at BlackStack Brewing (46:42)

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Minnesota Vikings
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Vikings Territory content maker Drew Mahowald recaps the preseason and delivers the sixth Skol Scale reading of 2017 and shares his thoughts on the Vikings’ Week 2 loss at Pittsburgh.

It was October 30, 2005. The Minnesota Vikings were in the process of getting waxed on the road against the Carolina Panthers to fall to 2-5.

Quarterback Daunte Culpepper, fresh off a phenomenal, MVP-caliber season in 2004, scrambled and was tackled awkwardly by two Panthers and could not bring himself from the turf. He had torn three ligaments in his right knee — the ACL, PCL and MCL.

Since that day, the Vikings have been cursed with unbelievable quarterback conundrums on an annual basis. Brad Johnson took over after Culpepper’s injury and actually led the Vikings to a six-game win streak before finishing the season 9-7 and missing the playoffs.

Over the next 11 years, Minnesota started 14 different quarterbacks and nearly all of them were cycled between a backup role and a starting role, whether it be due to injury or poor play.

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