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Not everyone was a fan of the Minnesota Vikings selecting cornerback Trae Waynes with the 11th overall pick last night, but the readership here at VT weighed in on a poll last night and the results are mostly favorable.

In the poll below, with 392 votes placed as of this posting, 87% of our readers gave the selection either an “A” or “B” grade. Instant reactions are, of course, not an accurate reflection of how a player might actually produce in the NFL, but who doesn’t prefer a little optimism over sincere disappointment?


Lindsey has done a great job of getting the immediate reactions from Rick Spielman and Mize Zimmer at Winter Park, in addition to Waynes himself this afternoon, but I wanted to look outside of the team here at VT and see what kind of draft grades are floating about.

This is pretty much a random sampling of what people are saying about the selection.

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Well, the moment is upon us. We have a lot of fun stuff lined up for you all on Draft Weekend, but I wasn’t going to let it all get started without doing an obligatory “Final Mock Draft.”

CLICK HERE for Adam’s final 2015 NFL Mock Draft

Here are a few predictions I am willing to make in advance of the Draft, and are reflected in my mock, that might be provide some good fodder for the comments section.

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Our “Sleeper Sunday” series officially ends tonight, as the NFL Draft will have come and gone by this time next week. Adam, Carl, and myself have spent weeks highlighting some of this year’s hidden gems; players the Vikings could potentially draft in the fifth, sixth, or seventh round.

On Thursday night, we’ll see players like Jameis Winston and Leonard Williams selected in the top-10, and late-risers like BYU’s Byron Jones make their way into the bottom of the first round. To see if our profiled players end up on an NFL roster, you’ll need to tune in on Saturday night (or follow our live blog, manned by yours truly!).

The final entry is Texas Southern’s Tray Walker, a cornerback molded to succeed in Mike Zimmer’s secondary.

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Here at Vikings Territory, we know better than most that it’s possible to find writing opportunities in all sorts of ways. Meet Tom Speicher. He got his start in 2003 when he entered a contest to be a Star Tribune web columnist for a year … and won.

Speicher was awarded the column for a season, after which he looked for new venues to write for and came across Vikings Update, which had been transformed into a monthly magazine.

“Eventually they hired me to write the ‘Where Are They Now?’ features on former [Vikings players],” Speicher explained. “It’s been a lot of fun! I have also had the opportunity to do assignments for the magazine at NFL Films and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.”

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