Thursday, December 14, 2017

Vikings Training Camp

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Vikings Territory staffer Drew Mahowald presents his key takeaways from Saturday night’s Vikings training camp practice.

For 52 years, Minnesota Vikings Training Camp has been highlighted by the annual Saturday evening practice under the lights at Blakeslee Stadium.

The team’s final training camp is no different, as over 10,500 people filled the stands to watch the Vikings under the lights. It was truly a tremendous slue of humanity.

And man, did the Vikings put on a show for their final night scrimmage in Mankato.

The intensity was clearly taken to another level. Pads clashed louder and the trash talk was more colorful. The Vikings spent most of practice in 11-on-11 situational drills, and it was clear that neither side wanted to look bad.

See the major takeaways below.

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Believe it or not, the time has already come for the Minnesota Vikings last training camp practice in Mankato for 2016. After today’s final practice in Minnesota, the team will head to Cincinnati for two joint practices with the Bengals on Wednesday and Thursday.

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has his team (and myself) up bright and early for today’s practice, but no worries as we still have full coverage of this morning’s activities. So grab a donut, some coffee, or just throw some cold water on your face to wake up and join me for practice from Mankato one last time.

Let’s go!

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With only two practices remaining, the Minnesota Vikings time in Mankato is already coming to a close. After the team’s practice today, the team will have a final practice first thing tomorrow morning at 8am (central time).

Like this morning, we will have live coverage of today and tomorrow’s events in Mankato. So follow along and keep up with the latest from Vikings camp…

Right now!

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In less than a week the Minnesota Vikings will be suiting up for an actual game! Well okay, not quite since it is just a preseason game.

But still, some sort of actual, organized football is going to be played by the Vikings on Friday when they face-off against the Cincinnati Bengals. The team’s preparation for the Bengals begins today with their walk-thru and that begins..


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