Wednesday, February 22, 2017


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Allow me to momentarily interrupt the ever-present and ongoing Teddy vs. Sam debate (Mobility! Winner! Accuracy! Smile!) with another edition of Links of the Week. Perhaps the only Vikings-related topic discussed as much as the quarterback dilemma (which, until both are healthy, is not a dilemma at all) the last few weeks is the potential landing place for Adrian Peterson. Peterson is still under contract with the Vikings for one more year, but with an $18 million cap hit, there’s a high likelihood the team will cut bait. The Vikings could of course bring him back at a lower dollar amount, but as our first bullet points out, the Adrian Peterson speculation knows no bounds:

  • In fact, the Star Tribune‘s Michael Rand writes Peterson has been linked to basically every NFL team. This post is a good collection of all the speculation, from intriguing to ridiculous. Some of the more reasonable teams named are the Giants, Buccaneers and…the Packers.
  • Adrian himself weighed in on Twitter Wednesday night, in his usual ham-fisted way of trying to be ominous or something:

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Matt Vensel (@mattvensel) of the Star Tribune joins the show to talk about our Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings as we count down the days until we’re back in the hood in Mankato ready to launch this 2015 season into orbit. This year’s version of 4th of July has come and gone (without any Vikings pulling a JPP, FTW), so grab some leftover BBQ, toss some aloe on the sunburns, and listen to some Purple FTW! goodness!

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On Monday, I had the privilege of joining Andy Carlson as a guest on his Purple for the Win podcast.

The “on-air” experience proved a brand new one for me, as I naturally prefer written communication over verbal. However, Andy calmed my nerves, convinced me to be a part of it, and I had an absolute riot talking all things Vikings football. I only made one or two minor blunders—giving away my Father’s Day gift … before Father’s Day—and enjoyed the overall experience. You can listen to the entire podcast on or on YouTube.

If you’re looking for a great source of Vikings news and also entertaining banter, make sure to follow Andy on Twitter @PurpleForTheWin.

Another big thanks to Andy for having me on the podcast—tune in to Purple FTW next Tuesday, June 17 to hear the next VT podcast guest, THE Arif Hasan!

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Vikings Territory Tweet GRIDiron

When Adam and I set out to completely redesign Vikings Territory, one of my personal goals was to bring it up to date with a lot of the technologies out there today – specifically social media. While I know some of you are hesitant to buy in, so to speak, into “that Twitter thing,” its importance in today’s society can’t be denied. Furthermore, the role it plays in sports is something that I felt we could kind of harbor here to bring you guys the most up to date news about our Vikings.

One of the most direct ways to find out what is going on with the team is to go directly to the source… the team itself. I’ve been following most of the Vikings players on Twitter for a while. While I would see something that Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, etc… would ‘tweet’ occasionally, there was really no place to see what all of the Vikings were saying at once in one, neatly organized way. Enter the “Vikings Territory Tweet GRIDiron.”

What we’ve done for you all is put together a page where you can go to see the three most recent tweets of every Vikings player (that is currently on Twitter). While, most of the time, there really isn’t anything incredibly informative the guys are saying, it can be entertaining. For example, I used the Tweet GRIDiron last night and noticed that our favorite wide receiver, Percy Harvin, was enjoying some moonshine for the first time. You could also see that most of the guys were watching the divisional playoffs and get their inside perspective of the games. Visanthe Shiancoe and Kyle Rudolph both admired the importance of the tight ends in the New England/Denver game while Kluwe choose to mess with Tim Tebow instead.

So, go on over and check it out. You can click this link, or you can just click the [fancy!] image above.

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