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This week’s Vikings Fan Spotlight is Part II of a 3-segment series. I had such an amazing response on Twitter from Vikings fans all over the world, and I decided to break this feature into three separate parts. 

Kristian L. G. Nielsen – Havdrup, Denmark – @klgn

kristianQ: How did you first become a Vikings fan?
A: This a bit funny, actually. In the early 90’s a lot of the kids at my school bought NFL caps. I bought one as well. The first one was actually a Giants cap, but it broke. The next one I bought was a Vikings cap, it was a grey one. I got teased a bit at school, because the Raiders were the popular team. Back then NFL was only shown in a weekly highlight show, and I must admit I didn’t watch it. Actually thought it was a weird sport. I watched a lot of soccer instead. Soccer is the most popular sport over here. As every Vikings fan know Atlanta made it to the Super Bowl in 1999, and the Falcons kicker at that time, Morten Andersen, is Danish, so that Super Bowl was broadcast back here and was the beginning of NFL being broadcast over here live every kristian2Sunday. […] I have a tough time watching a sport and not cheering for a specific team, and since I still had (and have) my grey Vikings cap, the choice was easy for me. I don’t know at what spcific date it happened, but I would probably say the Vikings @ Packers playoff game in 2005 where Moss mooned at Lambeau is the first one I remember cheering vividly for the Vikings. […] Before we had kids I would watch every game live, I would even go to bed early, set an alarm and get up at 2.30 AM to watch the late night games. Now I’ll have to catch those games OnDemand instead. I also listen to a lot of the Minnesota sports radio stations […] and love listening to fan podcasts and discussing Vikings stuff on twitter. I’m spending way too much time being a Vikings fan, but once you’re hooked you can’t get rid of it.

Q: Who is your favorite player on the current Vikings roster?
A: This is a tough one. A year ago I would have said Adrian Peterson, but now it’s a bit tougher. I’m going to go with John Sullivan. He seems like a great dude, and I love listening to him on various radio shows. He’s very articulate and the insights he gives are very good, I think.

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Put yourself in Rick Spielman’s shoes for a minute.

Your franchise is building one of the league’s best stadiums, you’ve drafted a potential long-term quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater, and a playoff berth seems like a realistic goal in 2015. Optimism around the Vikings is higher than it has been in recent years — thanks for the memories, Christian — but a dark cloud hangs over Minnesota.

The storm has been brewing for months, bringing with it vicious rumors, allegations, and speculation. It’s cast its shadow over your team’s bright future, and the nasty weather doesn’t appear to be clearing anytime soon.

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"With those skinny knees, Teddy's probably susceptible to bilateral weakness too."

Your bracket is toast, time to get back to Vikings football! Tom Schreier (@tschreier3) of Cold Omaha and 105 The Ticket joins the show to talk about the latest Minnesota Vikings news, what big things are going down at the Twin Cities newest sports radio station on the rise, as well as Tom’s path in the world of sports journalism at the co-founding of CO.

The Vikings continue to show that they’re truly a year round spectacle as there’s always news/drama brewing as we saw last week with Mike Wallace & the Pounceys, the latest stare-down between Spielman and Adrian’s camp, as well as Adrian birthday camel. Because why not. If AP doesn’t want to be a Viking, at least he can be Aladdin.

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Although the Minnesota Vikings have been relatively quiet in free agency, they’ve made a few moves that could have lasting impacts heading into the 2015 season.

Splashy trades, surprising releases, and expensive free agent signings usually dominate headlines, but sometimes, the smaller, less-publicized transactions make or break a team’s season.

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The Minnesota Vikings have found Teddy Bridgewater’s backup.

According to Fox Sports’ Ross Jones, the Vikings signed Shaun Hill at the opening of Free Agency on Tuesday afternoon:

Per Darren Wolfson, Hill signed a 2-year deal worth up to $7 million (includes escalators). ESPN’s Ben Goessling provided a few more contract details shortly after the deal was announced:

“Hill’s contract is worth $6.5 million over the next two years, according to a league source. He can earn up to $500,000 in annual incentives, the source said.”

The Vikings initially reached out to Hill’s representatives on Saturday morning, which marked the beginning of the free agency tampering period. After trading Matt Cassel to the Buffalo Bills on Wednesday, the team needed to pursue a capable backup quarterback — Christian Ponder proved he wasn’t the answer.

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