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Reggie Bush

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Episode 71 — Featuring Chris Kluwe

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BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald welcome former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe to discuss the intricacies of the position and determine how fans should best evaluate performance without being privy to the situational coaching assignment. The trio also discusses the most dangerous punt returners of this generation, punter mentality and persona as well as the “price” Kluwe made former quarterback Donovan McNabb pay to don his No. 5 jersey in 2011.


  1. Intro: Former Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe Joins the Show (0:00-7:22)
  2. Nightmare Punt Returners: Devin Hester & Reggie Bush (7:23-9:27)
  3. Post-Punt Defense: Last Man to Beat (9:28-13:21)
  4. The Greatest: Kick Return vs. Punt Return (13:22-17:53)
  5. Pre-Punt Preparation: Neutralizing Danger (17:54-21:48)
  6. Punter Flops: How to Sell It (21:49-25:47)
  7. Evaluating Punters: Taylor Symmank vs. Ryan Quigley (25:48-33:41)
  8. Jeff Locke Review: Influence of Pressure, Situation & Coaching Style (33:42-41:04)
  9. Number Change: Donovan McNabb’s Payment Plan (41:05-45:00)
  10. Punter Persona: Not Taking Yourself Too Seriously (45:01-47:17)
  11. Special Teams Weapons: Johnny Hekker and Co. (47:18-51:54
  12. Sign-Out: Twilight of the Gods & Tripping Icarus (51:55-55:26)

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Happy start to the week everyone. It’s a beautiful day in Minnesota. In Monday’s ICYMI: Big news on Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer, OTA storylines to follow and more. 

VT’s “In Case You Missed It” intends to funnel every news report, the most general of informational notes and a handful of the best analysis articles pertaining to the Minnesota Vikings into one all-encompassing write-up. If you don’t have the time to follow the Purple and Gold as much as you may like, allow Vikings Territory to do the dirty work for you with our catch-all Vikings recap of everything you may have missed.

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NFC North by Matt Engstrom
NFC North by Matt Engstrom

The Vikings aren’t the only team making big decisions this offseason.

While our favorite team might be the most dramatic when it comes to their offseason circumstances, our enemies are busy making moves of their own. Here is a look at what they are up to this week:


Our biggest foe of all is looking to overhaul their linebacker group in 2015 and that process begins by cutting loose some veteran players. The Packers first cut Brad Jones and then came Wednesday’s announcement that they were parting ways with A.J. Hawk, as well.

Jones and Hawk opened 2014 as Green Bay’s starting inside linebackers and now it appears they will both be elsewhere this coming season. Hawk has been with the Packers for all nine years on his NFL career, but at age 31 he has no intentions of retiring.

“I’m ready for some new opportunities,” he said, according to ESPN. “I feel good. Hopefully I get a chance somewhere else.”

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Some aren’t giving the Vikings a chance in 2014.  Some think they immediately make the jump back into contention.  Regardless of how you think they will do, the fact of the matter is that their first order of business has to be winning football games in the NFC North.  Here is our weekly look (after taking a week off) around the net at our greatest foes.


There is no doubt that the Packers want to retain their ultra-productive wide receiver Jordy Nelson.  Nelson is 29 years old, entering a contract year, set to make only $2.55 million in 2014, and is clearly a favorite target for Aaron Rodgers on a weekly basis.  The running theory seems to be that Green Bay would like to extend Nelson this season, instead of waiting until next offseason, as they also have to get deals done with others such as Randall Cobb.  Nelson is likely the first domino that needs to fall before Ted Thompson can start working on the rest of his list of pending free agents for 2015.  Vikings fans (and defensive backs), of course, wouldn’t mind seeing Nelson’s extension hit a snag or ten between now and next March.

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Welcome to my first installment of what I am hoping to be a regular feature here at Vikings Territory.  Essentially, “The Other Guys” is an effort to take a look at the other teams in the NFC North and see what is happening with them.  After all, they are enemy number one, and our success can often directly correlate with their failure.


It sounds like the acquisition of Golden Tate had more to do with his talents as a wide out than what he can offer on special teams.  Only Dexter McCluster saw more punt returns last season than Tate did, but he has already conceded that the position still belongs to incumbent Jeremy Ross.  Additionally, Reggie Bush likes to think he has “graduated” from his return duty days and doesn’t plan on picking that habit back up anytime soon.  The news about Ross and his stronghold on the return man gig in Detroit is perhaps the first position battle in the league to sort itself out this offseason.

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