Wednesday, November 22, 2017


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I wrote last week how the Week 10 win over the Redskins seemed like a defining moment for the 2017 Vikings; a convincing road win against a solid NFC team, and confirmation that Minnesota does indeed belong in the upper echelon of their conference.

And in the Week 11 win over the Rams, the Vikings made an even stronger statement. They held the league’s best scoring offense, averaging 32.9 points coming in to the game, to just seven points, and shut down the Rams’ vaunted rushing attack led by Todd Gurley. Offensively, they dominated time of possession (37:22 – 22:38) and grew stronger as the game wore on, rushing for 171 yards and making enough plays in the passing game to move the ball down the field and continue to create scoring opportunities.

With a balanced and ultimately dominant win over one of the NFL’s best and most explosive teams, the Vikings improved to 8-2, and showed they are legitimate contenders for the NFC’s number one seed.

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Five thoughts on the Vikings loss to the Redskins.

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1. So…what happened to the defense?

It’s not just a one- or two-game fluke, it’s now a legitimate problem; the defense has gone from great to average, and that’s as big a reason for the losing streak as anything else. Looking at the season split in two—the five wins versus the four losses—paints a clear picture of how dramatically this defense has lost its punch.

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Adam tells me I’m dramatic. I’m sure he’s got a point… I like to think I’m just passionate. Needless to say,  I was in a foul mood today through the Vikings game. I had a feeling this was going to be a difficult team for the Vikings to beat. The primary indicator that we were in for a rough game was this stat: “The Redskins have lost 8 straight games at home.” If you’re a seasoned Vikings fan, you know what that means… Time for the Vikings to be the team allows the Redskins to break that streak. Isn’t that how it always goes? Doesn’t every team that sets some sort of record or breaks some sort of negative streak do so with the aid of Minnesota? You ever notice those old vintage videos on NFL network of some football great having their career game against…? The Vikings. Anyone else notice this? Surely I can’t be the only one…

I predicted the Vikings would win by a field goal this afternoon. But really, that was just because I’m too much of a Vikings homer to predict my team will lose.

Anyway, the Vikings fall to 4-2 today after losing pretty handily to the Washington Redskins. I’m going to dive into some of the details and annoyances of the game… But here’s a warning: don’t expect too much positivity here today. Maybe that will come later in the week… I’ll be able to be more objective – more rational. Right now, though? Now is the time for irrational, angry venting. So join me please as I further ruin your evening.

This venting session brought to you courtesy of Angry Brett.

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