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1.  Great Fit in Minnesota:
The Vikings lost middle linebacker Jasper Brinkley to the Cowboys in free agency, so the starting MLB spot is currently up for grabs. Brinkley was a two-down thumper for the Vikings who was at his best stoping the run.

Miami’s standout MLB Denzel Perryman is a stout and sturdy 5’11” 236 pound old-school prototypical inside backer who defends his turf and can deliver a hit as hard as any player in the draft. Perryman is very good before the snap and has exceptional play recognition instincts to read and react especially against the run.

Perryman’s NFL value is strictly as a two-down inside linebacker with his best fit in a 4-3 system where he can stay clean and do what he does best, tackle ball carriers.

Perryman is a great fit largely because of Gerald Hodges’ emergence as an up-and-coming “Mike” in nickel packages. The veteran presence of Chad Greenway, who can also man-the-middle in passing situation, additionally lends itself to the idea that the logical missing piece is a two-down run stuffer.

The scheme and personal from last season hasn’t changed much, making Perryman a good fit and an upgrade over Brinkley.

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Paul Allen, radio voice of the Minnesota Vikings, joins the show to give us a glimpse of the man behind the microphone. PA’s headed into his 14th season calling games for the Purple, has been the race announcer at Canterbury Park for over 20+ years, and is host of the 9-Noon program on KFAN 100.3.

We dive into PA’s background and get the story of his journey to where he is today, chat a little about the 2015 Vikings draft and what happens with Adrian Peterson, get a STONE COLD HOT TAKE from the man, and even dive into a little ponies and poker talk.

All that and other “HE’S LOOSE” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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Draft expert Matt Waldman (@MattWaldman) creator of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio and contributor at Football Guys and Football Outsiders joins the show to take go in depth on who the Vikings may be targeting in the draft at the end of the month. Our Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings have many options at the #11 pick, aren’t hurting for a clear cut need, still could move Adrian Peterson, and we all know Slick Rick Spielman’s propensity to make moves in the first round.

Full episode after the jump!

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The cornerback class is quietly one of the deeper and more talented groups in this year’s NFL draft. At the top of the pack is Trae Waynes from Michigan State and Marcus Peters from Washington. From purely a talent standpoint, many people believe Peters is the better CB prospect yet red flag issues have hurt his draft stock. Waynes is a lanky press cover specialist who is consistently being projected and mocked in the neighborhood of the Vikings’ 11th over all pick.

Cornerback is widely believed to be an area of need for the Vikings, and I certainly suspect Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer might look to draft more than one versatile defensive back again this year. Even if the Vikings select a corner in the first round, they could look to target a “sleeper” cornerback in the later rounds, who can also play safety.

My Sleeper Sunday pick this week goes to USC’s Josh Shaw. Shaw is a talented cornerback on the football field, but unfortunately he’s been overshadowed by his tall tale lie off the field which has turned his life upside down.

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Note: This is the last installment of a three part series detailing my personal, complicated feelings about Randy Moss. I love him for the player he was, but hate him for what could have been. Hit it here for Part I and Part II.

Hate is a strong word.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that a person should never truly hate anything. It simply takes up too much time and mental energy to actively hold disdain for something or someone. But as a younger, less mature man, I can honestly say that I hated Randy Moss. I’m not proud of it. It was the sort of irrational feelings that a fan projects on a player who wasn’t as great as he could have been (despite being a future first ballot Hall of Famer) while sulking his way out of town. Twice.

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