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The 2015 NFL Draft class offers an array of pass rushing talent. Top pass rushers, particularly edge rushers, are gaining value in the early rounds of recent drafts and that trend will continue to grow this year as well. While there is no Jadeveon Clowney in this group, a deep well of talent at the position awaits NFL teams none-the-less.

The Vikings biggest need is certainly not in the pass rush department, yet with the talent and depth offered in this class, it might be hard to pass on a dynamic edge rusher right off the bat. However, if the Vikings fill other needs in the early rounds of the draft, one edge rusher to keep an eye on in day three is Shaquille Riddick from West Virginia. He’s an edge rusher that hasn’t gotten the attention that the others at the top of the class have garnered, but his measurables and athleticism are equally as impressive.

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Here at Vikings Territory, we know better than most that it’s possible to find writing opportunities in all sorts of ways. Meet Tom Speicher. He got his start in 2003 when he entered a contest to be a Star Tribune web columnist for a year … and won.

Speicher was awarded the column for a season, after which he looked for new venues to write for and came across Vikings Update, which had been transformed into a monthly magazine.

“Eventually they hired me to write the ‘Where Are They Now?’ features on former [Vikings players],” Speicher explained. “It’s been a lot of fun! I have also had the opportunity to do assignments for the magazine at NFL Films and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.”

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Brent: Luke Kuechly, MLB, Carolina Panthers
There is something to be said about adding a top WR to the roster in hopes of helping Teddy Bridgewater and I would have a hard time arguing against that logic. However, adding Kuechly would be tremendous for this defense. Simply the best at his position, Kuechly is excellent against the pass and the run and would serve as a the leader of the defense. Filling a big hole on the Vikings defense, his consistency would allow Zimmer to be super creative and flexible with his other defensive studs and would give the Vikings two of the top young linebackers in the league.

Austin: Luke Kuechly, MLB, Carolina Panthers
The Minnesota Vikings have one gaping hole on the defensive side of the ball – middle linebacker. With Patrick Willis retired and Navarro Bowman returning from a gruesome knee injury, Kuechly begins 2015 as the league’s best middle linebacker. Since entering the NFL in 2012, Kuechly has racked up 473 tackles and is a constant presence around the football. He possesses a rare combination of speed and aggressiveness, and consistently uses his football IQ to diagnose plays in the backfield. He’d step in immediately and contribute on Mike Zimmer’s unit.

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