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Mike Zimmer

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Vikings OTAs: 7 Positions Up For Grabs

The Minnesota Vikings’ organized team activities, or OTAs, began Tuesday. OTAs are offseason training sessions run with the purpose of developing players; or, simply put, practices without tackling. There are no 1-on-1 drills, only team drills.

OTAs can be a good barometer of how the team’s roster is going to shape up come the regular season. Generally, the players who practice together play together. Certainly, there are exceptions.

Lets take a look at several key position battles that will unfold during the Vikings preseason.

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The Teddy Bridgewater story, as it stands.

Teddy Bridgewater
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Teddy Bridgewater is not the Messiah. This statement is childlike in its obviousness, and indeed I feel a touch sheepish putting it in print, as if I’m standing on a hill and proclaiming, “the earth is not flat!”

But I lead with it for one reason: despite the overwhelming evidence that, to anyone’s best knowledge, Theodore Andrew Bridgewater is neither the redeemer nor the son of man, you wouldn’t always know it by listening to the Vikings faithful.

This is not a knock on Teddy; I quite like him, both for his personality and football acumen, and think asserting a person is probably not a Christ-like figure is a pretty rational criticism. My intent here is to say nothing about the man, or even, to a large extent, the quarterback, because I would be perfectly content to watch him lead our beloved Vikings to the playoffs—and potentially beyond—for years to come.

Rather, my issue is with the expectations and projections we as a fanbase have saddled Bridgewater with so early in his tumultuous career, to our own detriment.

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Vikings Territory Roundtable — Episode 13

VT Roundtable Episode 13

Welcome back to the VT Roundtable!

For Episode 13, a four-man group of Austin BelisleBJ ReidellBrett Anderson and Sam Neumann discuss everything from whether or not its acceptable to wear a jersey in a non-football setting to Mike Zimmer’s career future following yet another eye surgery and an announced absence from Organized Team Activities for recovery purpose. Also included are reviews of each offensive position — panelist position grades enclosed — and light-hearted debate on what to takeaway from the most recent video of Teddy Bridgewater’s injury rehabilitation progress.

Check out Episode 13 after the jump and subscribe to the Vikings Territory YouTube channel to ensure that you never miss a VT Roundtable discussion, the latest installment of Bump & Run or and other VT/TV videos!

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Episode 67 — Drew Mahowald Returns

Graphic designed by Brett Anderson

BJ Reidell and a returning Drew Mahowald discuss Mike Zimmer’s on-going eye ailment and how it affects the team moving forward, review what to watch during Organized Team Activities and give their Top-5 quarterbacks in the NFL. Additionally, Drew plays catch-up by giving his Top-5 favorite Minnesota Vikings of all time and a couple of his Twitter pet peeves.


  • Intro: Drew Mahowald Returns to Action (0:00-2:07)
  • Zimmer’s Eye: Dissecting the Situation and Important Fill-in Coaching Candidates (2:08-11:58)
  • OTAs Preview: Positions and Players to Watch (11:59-21:40)
  • Take 5: Best Quarterbacks in the NFL Currently (21:41-37:08)
  • Make-Up 5: Drew’s Favorite Vikings of All-Time (37:09-43:48)
  • Have a Few More: Drew Adds to the Twitter Pet Peeves List (43:49-48:04)
  • Sign-Out: You Know How This Goes (48:05-49:29)

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Happy start to the week everyone. It’s a beautiful day in Minnesota. In Monday’s ICYMI: Big news on Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer, OTA storylines to follow and more. 

VT’s “In Case You Missed It” intends to funnel every news report, the most general of informational notes and a handful of the best analysis articles pertaining to the Minnesota Vikings into one all-encompassing write-up. If you don’t have the time to follow the Purple and Gold as much as you may like, allow Vikings Territory to do the dirty work for you with our catch-all Vikings recap of everything you may have missed.

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