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Mike Zimmer

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There’s a reason Ben McAdoo’s New York Giants offense looks so familiar; he’s a disciple of the school of Mike McCarthy. Before joining the Giants in 2014, McAdoo spent eight years in Green Bay, where he learned from McCarthy and helped shape Aaron Rodgers into a Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

For two years in New York, he served as offensive coordinator under longtime head coach Tom Coughlin. There, he discovered the disciplined approach that’s helped shape his current coaching style; a style that combines the best of both McCarthy and Coughlin’s teachings.

“I’m trying to blend the two experiences that really have shaped my professional career,” he said, per the Washington Post. “I’m trying to blend those two together and come up with the best mix for this organization.”

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Three weeks into the 2016 NFL season and yes, the Minnesota Vikings have yet to lose a game. The Vikings went into the home of the defending NFC Champion Carolina Panthers last Sunday and treated them like an expansion team.

Minnesota had no trouble with the Panthers and are now one of two remaining unbeaten teams in the NFC along with the Philadelphia Eagles.

This week, the Vikings will host the New York Giants in front of their home crowd on Monday Night Football. This will be Minnesota’s first Monday night game since last year’s debacle in San Francisco that seems like a mirage now more than anything.

What must the Vikings prioritize this week in order to prevent their first loss of the 2016 season?

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how surprised are you by Minnesota’s 3-0 start
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The Minnesota Vikings weren’t supposed to start the season undefeated. The losses of Teddy Bridgewater, Adrian Peterson, Matt Kalil, and Sharrif Floyd spelled doom for a team with Super Bowl aspirations.

But led my head coach Mike Zimmer and the NFL’s most dangerous defense, they’ve overcome the odds, beating NFC powerhouses like the Packers and Panthers along the way. It’s been an exhilarating run for fans, and one that may only improve with time.

Still, had you asked any fan before the season whether Sam Bradford could carry the Vikings or T.J. Clemmings would seemingly outperform Kalil, they’d have laughed in your face. This has been a surprising stretch of success in Minnesota, one that few outside the state or fan base expected.

Inside the Vikings Territory writer’s room, I asked the same question and received a few surprising answers:

“On a scale from 1-10, how surprised are you by Minnesota’s 3-0 start to the season?”

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Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings are tied for the best record in the NFL. A spot many fans, analysts, and probably players (if they were being honest) did not expect the Purple to be in given all of the early season drama. It has opened a door for many-a-fan to have hope that this year could be the year, especially with that Zimmer Hellfire Defense playing like an all-time great unit. We took some time today to mull over aloud few over/under propositions about our young Skol Squad.

2016 Over/Under Talking Points Include:
• 4.5 Defensive Touchdowns
• 1200 Rushing Yards by Vikings Runnings Backs
• 22.5 Touchdown Passes from Sam Bradford
• 100 Fantasy Points for Kyle Rudolph
• 10.5 Starts for TJ Clemmings at Left Tackle
• 44.5 Sacks for Vikings Quarterbacks
• 100.5 Snaps for Willie Beavers
• 72.5 Sacks for the Defense
• 20.5 Sacks for Everson Griffen
• 49.5 INTs for the Vikings Defense
• 20.5 Receptions for Laquon Treadwell
• 0.5 Coach of the Year Awards for Mike Zimmer

All that and other “Take the Overs on All of Em” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint

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Vikings and Packers
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The Vikings and Packers are already separating themselves as the top two teams in the NFC North.

The Minnesota Vikings are 3-0. They are one of only five teams that will head into Week 4 undefeated. They have already won two games on the road. Things are looking pretty good, despite a horrible visit from the injury gremlin, and Vikings fans have plenty to be excited about heading into a little softer stretch of their schedule.

The path to the NFC North championship has to be paved in victories over our worst enemies, however, and today we take our weekly look around the division to see what’s up.

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